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Due to lack of vaccine supply, we are not currently scheduling first-dose appointments. We will resume appointments when inventory is available. Thank you for your patience. Please visit  our vaccine page for more information.

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Coming Soon… MyChart

Coming soon… Manage your healthcare and billing with MyChart

MyChart is a free online patient portal that UW Medicine offers its patients. With MyChart, you can easily access your medical records, appointment scheduling, billing and payment information, prescription refills and more — all in one secure location.

With MyChart, you can:

  • Book and view appointments online
  • Check-in for your appointment ahead of time with eCheck-In
  • Pay bills, sign up for paperless statements and request financial assistance
  • Message your care team
  • Request prescription refills
  • View lab results and health records

Who can use MyChart

Any UW Medicine or Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) patient 18 years or older can use MyChart. You can even use MyChart to take care of your children and other family members all from one account.

How to sign up for MyChart (also known as eCare)

If you are an existing eCare user, you won't need to do anything to switch to MyChart — eCare will automatically update to MyChart for you.

If you currently use a patient portal associated with UW Medical Center – Montlake, Harborview Medical Center or SCCA (Caresi), or if you are signing up for the first time, follow the directions below.

Questions? Contact the UW Medicine Customer Care Center at 855.520.5151.

If you currently use the Cerner Health portal affiliated with UW Medical Center – Montlake or Harborview Medical Center, you can register for a new MyChart account at Questions? Contact the UW Medicine Customer Care Center at 855.520.5151.

If you are on SCCA’s Caresi, you can register for a new MyChart account at Questions? Contact the UW Medicine Customer Care Center at 855.520.5151​​​​​​​.

You can register for a new MyChart account at Questions? Contact the UW Medicine Customer Care Center at 855.520.5151​​​​​​​.

MyChart Features

MyChart brings all the features you love with eCare, and more. The chart below shows all the features you love today, and the helpful new features we are adding soon.

Billing and Insurance

Feature Now Coming Soon
Pay your bills    
Pay as guest    
Set up payment plans    
View payment history    
Sign up for paperless billing    
See statements and billing letters    
Request financial assistance    
Ask billing questions    
Receive cost estimates    
See insurance summary / plan details    

Visits and Scheduling

Feature Now Coming Soon
See past hospital admissions and emergency visits    
(for care provided after Jan. 20, 2021)
Schedule or request an appointment    
(More options available)
View upcoming and past appointment details    
Check-in ahead of time (eCheck-In)  
Receive Fast Past offers for earlier appointments    
Receive wait list updates    
Cancel an appointment    
Receive preventive care reminders    

Messaging and Questions

Feature Now Coming Soon
Request prescription refills    
Send and receive messages from your care team    
Receive medical advice    
Contact customer service    

Health Records and Information

Feature Now Coming Soon
Request release of information    
Download your medical record    
Review and update your medical history    
Read your current health summary    
See your medications    
Review test results    
See your immunizations    
View your eyeglass or contact lens prescription    
Get your care plan    
Find growth charts    
Read about health trends    

Frequently asked questions

Enrollment and access

To set up your MyChart account, you will need an email address. Your email address will be secure and UW Medicine will not use it for any other purpose.

If you are at a clinic visit, clinic staff will give you instructions in person on how to create your account and log on to view your records. If you have stayed in the hospital, you will receive set-up instructions from hospital staff by email.

If you are a parent, legal guardian or caregiver, you may get permission to see medical records for a minor or other person in your care.

After you create your account, visit the MyChart sign-in page any time.

While we encourage patients to use MyChart to manage their appointments, request prescription refills, view medical records and more, MyChart is not a requirement for receiving medical services at any UW Medicine clinic or facility.

Current eCare users

If you are a current eCare user, you will still have access to all your information you're used to viewing. When MyChart goes live, you'll be able to your hospital admissions and emergency department visits as well as billing and payment details. See all of the new features in the chart above.

Current UW Medicine patients without an eCare account

If you have a UW Medicine Cerner Health account through UW Medical Center – Montlake or Harborview Medical Center, you won't be able to access your prior medical records with MyChart. You'll have to submit a release of information to request your prior records. Any new appointments, hospital visits or emergency department visits will be available through MyChart once it goes live.

If you’d like to see medical information from prior visits that is not visible in MyChart, you will need to fill out a release of information to request those records. You can fill out a release of information from within MyChart.

There is a mobile app for iOS and Android phones that allows you to view your outpatient medical records. You can also access all your online medical records on your smartphone via web browser without an app through the webpage

New billing features

When MyChart goes live, you will be able to see and pay all of your UW Medicine bills on MyChart, including balances from before the go-live. You access your bills the same way you do your medical information — using your MyChart login. Simply log in using your username and password or sign up for a new account. You will have access to the billing information for which you are financially responsible without any additional set-up required.

You will be able to see all historical information for any of your outstanding accounts, regardless of where you were seen. Please note that certain services (such as laboratory services, Airlift Northwest and Valley Medical Center) will still be accessed through separate portals.

Most statement data, including historical charge details will be accessible through your MyChart account.

To access your physician billing, Harborview statements for dates of service prior to MyChart going live, you will need to access the existing Harborview physician portal. Online payment for these balances will be through your MyChart account, or through MyChart's "pay as guest" feature. Services at Harborview after MyChart goes live will be accessible through your MyChart account.

Questions about where to find your bill, or need help paying? Contact us at 206.520.0400 or toll free at (855) 520-0400.

Billing access is controlled separately from clinical details. Access to billing-related details, including statements, ability to pay, and billing letter communications will only be available to the person who is financially responsible (known as the guarantor).

Proxies will not have access to billing information. If you are responsible for more than just your own bill, you will see all of your accounts as separate tiles on the billing home page within MyChart.

For example, if you are a patient, but also have 2 children at UW Medicine that you are financially responsible for (the guarantor), you will see an entry for your own bill, and 2 separate entries for each child.