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Refer a Patient

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Referrals by phone

Call the UW Medicine Contact Center at 206.520.5000 or 877.520.5000 (toll-free), Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. For emergencies, call 911. (Do not use our referral options.)

Referrals by fax

To refer a patient by fax, please use the UW Medicine Referral Request Form and include relevant medical records. Use the Find a Location search to find site-specific fax numbers.

Detailed contact information for services not scheduled by the UW Medicine Contact Center are below. These services include:

  • Heart Institute
  • Hematology/Oncology
  • Kidney care and transplant services
  • Liver 
  • Obstetrics
  • Pituitary
  • Pain Medicine
  • Radiology*
  • Transplant

To refer a patient for one of the above services, please use the paper UW Medicine Referral Request Form, and fax it to the appropriate contact detailed in the accordion below. *Radiology - see detailed information below.

Additional contact information by specialty:

Thank you for your partnership in patient care.
Patients who are requesting new appointments or self-referrals may call 206.598.0190 to reach the Heart Institute. For the contact information for each of our Heart Institute locations view here.

Send a Patient Referral:
Referrals may be sent via fax to 206.598.7451 or call 206.598.8069.

For expedited Structural Heart related referrals (TAVR and other valve disorders, LAA closures, etc.) please complete this form.

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program

Phone: 206.598.3734; Fax: 206.598.7451

Advanced Heart Failure

Phone: 206.598.8069; Fax 206.598.7451

Cardiac Transplant

Phone: 206.598.8069; Fax 206.598.7923


Phone: 206.598.8069; Fax 206.598.7451

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Phone: 206.598.3636; Fax: 206.598.2414

Complex Coronary Artery Disease Program

Phone: 206.598.7126; Fax: 206.598.3037

Electrophysiology Services

Phone: 206.598.8069; Fax 206.598.7451

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Program and Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic

Phone: 206.598.8069; Fax 206.598.7451

Interventional Cardiology Services

Phone: 206.598.8069; Fax 206.598.7451

Structural Heart Services

Phone: 206.598.8258; Fax: 206.598.3037

UW Medical Center Montlake

Referrals: 206.598.8069, Fax: 206.598.7451

UW Medical Center Northwest

Referrals: 206.363.1004, Fax: 206.363.3548

Eastside Specialty Center

Referrals: 425.646.7777, Fax: 206.598.6797

Harborview Medical Center

Referrals: 206.520.5000, Fax: 206.744.6426

South Lake Union

Referrals: 206.485.9000, Fax: 206.520.8599


Referrals: 425.774.8251, Fax: 425.775.1063

Mill Creek

Referrals: 425.338.4000, Fax: 425.338.4090

Referral Management If you would like direct access to a read-only version of Epic PHI, please sign up for EpicCare Link at

Referral Support: Contact the Heart Institute partnership manager at

To evaluate your patient as a candidate for kidney transplantation, please provide the information and records faxed to UWMC Transplant Services:

  • Patient Demographics (Name, DOB, Contact information)
  • Referring Physician Name and NPI number
  • Patient H&P
  • Cardiac Testing (if available)
  • Recent Labs
  • Patient Insurance information (Insurer, Group #, ID #)
  • For dialysis patients, please include Medicare form 2728 (if available)

Download a copy of the Kidney Care referral form​​. 

Once we receive this information, our Patient Intake Coordinator will contact your patient. After we register your patient, you will be notified that the pre-transplant process has begun. 

Please feel free to call if you have any questions about the status of your patient’s referral.



1959 NE Pacific Street 
Box 356174, Room EE404 
Seattle, WA 98195-6174

To have your patient evaluated for our Hepatitis C Clinic, Hepatology Clinic or Liver Transplant Clinic, download and complete the Liver Care Line Consultation Request form and fax it to 206.598.4287. If you have any questions about the program or want to schedule an appointment, call 206.598.4973.


To refer a patient to Harborview's Medical Respite Program (Edward Thomas House Medical Respite), please call the Screener directly at 206.744.5277. If your referral meets eligibility criteria, you will be directed to complete a Respite Referral Form and fax it to the screener at 206.744.5233. If you are referring from an inpatient unit, use the Inpatient to Respite Referral Checklist to gather and fax information required for a complete referral.


To refer high-risk obstetrics patients to the Maternal and Infant Care Clinic at UW Medical Center:

Call 206.598.4072 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m), or complete the UW Medicine referral form and fax it to 206.598.2359.

To refer patients to the Family Planning Clinic at UWMC-Roosevelt:

Call 206.598.5500, or complete the UW Medicine referral form and fax it to 206.598.8722.

To transfer a patient, or for other urgent and after-hours requests:

Call Medcon at 800.326.5300 and ask for the MICC doctor or perinatologist on call. Please fax your transfer patient’s records to UWMC Labor and Delivery at 206.598.7664.

For more information about Perinatal Services patient referrals:

Please contact physician liaison Enedina Dumas at 206.598.1944 or

To contact the Prenatal Diagnosis, Perinatal Genetics and Fetal Therapy Program:

If you need assistance after hours or on the weekend or holidays, please call Medcon at 800.326.5300 and ask for the Maternal and Infant Care Clinic doctor on call.

To refer a patient to the University of Washington's Northwest Center for Oral and Facial Surgery clinic, please complete the UW Medicine Referral Request Form and fax it to 206.616.7251.

For questions about referring your patient, please contact Drs. Ferreira, Failor or De Santis at 206.744.9300. The Neurological Surgery Clinic fax number is 206.744.9943.

For radiology orders, please call 206.598.5800.

UW Medical Center-Montlake, UW Medical Center-Northwest, Roosevelt Clinic, & Eastside Specialty Center radiology scheduling:
Phone: 206.598.7200 Fax: 206.597.4004
Call: 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. for radiology appointments*, and please have your referral form or imaging order faxed prior to calling. 

Harborview Medical Center radiology scheduling: 
Phone: 206.744.3105 Fax: 206.598.7690
Call 6 a.m.-6 p.m. for radiology appointments*, and please have your referral form or imaging order faxed prior to calling. 

Referring providers, please call the radiology consultant phone line at 206.598.0101 with any questions.

*To schedule a mammogram, please call Seattle Cancer Care Alliance at 206.606.7800 or Breast Imaging Clinic at UWMC Northwest at 206.668.1749.

Harborview referral form

UWMC referral form

PET/CT Referral Form

Breast Imaging Clinic - UWMC NW Referral Form

To request radiology records: Visit Records & Images for information

Healthcare professionals making a referral should fax a UW Medicine referral request directly to the individual desired clinic location for initial review. To refer a patient, use the UW Medicine referral form. To find fax information for individual clinics, please visit the Find a Location page

Direct contacts for transplant by organ.