Billing Statements and Notifications

Learn about paperless statements and real-time balance notifications.

Real-time balance notifications

UW Medicine sends two types of balance notifications through MyChart. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center patients will not receive real-time balance notifications.

  • New Balance: When you have a new balance showing what you owe, this option gives you a convenient way to pay the amount due without waiting for your next statement.
  • Balance Update: You will receive this notification when there are changes to your balance.

You may opt in or out of these notifications at any time by updating your Billing Communication Preferences in MyChart. If you don’t have a MyChart account and would like to receive real-time balance notifications, you can click the button below to learn how to enroll in MyChart.

What if I don’t have a MyChart account?

If you don’t have a MyChart account, you will continue to receive paper statements in the mail. If you would like to create a MyChart account, please follow the link below.

What if I would like to continue receiving paper statements?

For more information on opting in and out of paperless statements, visit our instructions page.

How to set up paperless statements

If you have opted out of paperless statements and would like to opt back in, please follow the instructions at the link below.

How to read a billing statement

Click below to view a document on how to read your statement.

Frequently asked questions

Paperless Statement FAQ

Can I choose to switch back to paper statements?

Yes, you can switch back to paper statements:

  • Log into your MyChart account
  • Navigate to the Billing Summary
  • For each account listed, select View Account Details
  • On the right panel is a section for Paperless Billing, select Update
  • Click the button Receive Paper Statements


What if I don’t have a MyChart account?

If you do not have an active MyChart account, you will continue to receive paper statements. If you would like to sign up, visit MyChart and then choose Sign Up Now.

What happens if I don’t realize I have a statement ready in MyChart and I miss the due date?

At 30 days past due, UW Medicine has processes in place to actively reach out via phone or mail for accounts with outstanding balances. In addition, if you have not viewed your first two statements in MyChart, a paper statement will be mailed to you.

I have paperless statements turned on. Why am I not getting any real-time balance notifications?

Paperless statements and real-time balance notifications are separate features. If you are receiving paperless statements but are not receiving real-time balance notifications, it may be because you do not have notifications turned on. Please check your notifications settings by logging into MyChart and navigating to your Communication Preferences or calling our Patient Accounts and Support Services team at 206.520.0400 or 855.520.0400.

Balance Notifications FAQ

Why did I receive a billing notification?

UW Medicine is now offering convenient, environmentally friendly text and email notifications to more patients through secure digital platforms.

If I receive billing text or email notifications, will I still receive a paper statement?

Your statement delivery option will stay the same. If you choose to receive paper statements in the mail, you will continue to receive paper statements. If you receive paperless statements, you will continue to view your statements in MyChart. If you have not viewed your first or second statements electronically, any additional statements will be mailed to you. 

Will my balance notification be the same as my statement?

Your statement reflects your balance at the time it was created. While MyChart shows the balance when you log in, there could be a difference if you get a notification on Monday, but do not check My Chart until Wednesday.

Why do the text and email notifications not include more information, like the service I am being billed for?

To protect your confidential information and comply with privacy laws, we do not display any health-related information including date of service, type of service, or physician name. All this information can be seen after you log into your MyChart account.

How do I change my balance notification preferences?

You may opt out of these notifications by updating your communication preferences in MyChart. Also, you may send a Customer Service Billing message via MyChart or call our Patient Accounts and Support Services team at 206.520.0400 or 855.520.0400.

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