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Primary Care

Care for acute and chronic illnesses, injuries, health screening and prevention for the entire family.

Primary Care

Care for acute and chronic illnesses, injuries, health screening and prevention for the entire family.

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    Find a new primary care provider at UW Medicine

    Seeing your primary care provider (PCP) regularly is one of the best steps you can take to stay healthy and prevent future health problems.

    At UW Medicine, our primary care providers get to know the whole you, from your medical history and personal background to your lifestyle needs and care preferences. Through a mix of in-person and virtual primary care services, we offer personalized support to you and your family — from newborns to seniors — in all areas of health and well-being.

    Common services offered by primary care providers

    While each type of primary care provider has a different background and focus, all our providers are expertly trained in:

    • Preventive care (such as routine checkups, health screenings, risk assessments and immunizations) 

    • Diagnosis and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses 

    • Personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

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    Family medicine providers

    Care for patients and families of all ages, from newborns to seniors. Family medicine providers have additional training in managing common mental health concerns, and pregnancy and reproductive care. 

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    Internal medicine providers

    Care for all adults, from young adults to seniors. Internal medicine providers have additional training in handling more severe chronic illnesses and situations in which different illnesses must be managed at the same time.

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    Care for babies, children and young people. Specialized services include developmental screenings, school and sports evaluations, environmental health consults, gynecologic care, and care for LGBTQ children and youth.

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    Primary care when and how you need it

    We offer in-person and telemedicine primary care visits to both new and established (current) UW Medicine patients. Once established, patients who use MyChart have access to medical advice messages.

    In-person care

    Schedule an in-person visit with a primary care provider at a variety of locations throughout the Puget Sound region.

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    Scheduled telemedicine visits

    Schedule a telemedicine visit in advance with your UW Medicine primary care provider for follow-up care, management of chronic conditions and consultations.

    Learn more about telemedicine visits » 

    Messages to care team

    Current patients can message their care team in MyChart for new medication requests, questions about new symptoms or problems, new referrals and more.

    Learn more about MyChart messages »

    Integrated behavioral health and nutrition support

    Behavioral health

    Our primary care service includes the Behavioral Health Integration Program. If you or your family member is experiencing depression, anxiety or grief, or a difficult situation, we can help get you the care you need. The team includes: 

    • Your primary care provider: Makes the referral; remains the hub of care and prescribes all medications.
    • A consulting psychiatrist: Provides specialty support to your primary care provider and clinical support to the social worker when needed.
    • A social worker: Helps you create a personalized care plan and develop cognitive and behavioral skills to improve how you are feeling.

    Diet & nutrition

    Our highly trained registered dietitians work with your medical team. We specialize in medical nutrition therapy for adults and children, especially diabetes education. To help you improve your health, our dietitians: 

    • Educate you on lifestyle and dietary changes
    • Develop an individualized nutrition plan that addresses your specific needs
    • Support you as you make changes to reach your goals

    Coordinated specialty care

    Our primary care providers can connect patients to a complete spectrum of specialty care services at UW Medicine to meet their unique needs, whether on-site at our primary care clinics or at one of our specialty care centers.

    Specialty services at many of our primary care locations include obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) care, sports medicine, optometry, acupuncture, podiatry and sleep medicine.

    Is my insurance accepted?

    UW Medicine Primary Care accepts most major insurance plans, including commercial plans, governmental programs (e.g., Washington State Medicaid, Washington Apple Health) and Medicare Advantage plans.

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