Multiple Sclerosis Center at Northwest Hospital

Multiple Sclerosis Center at Northwest Hospital 1536 N 115th St., Seattle, WA 98133 206.598.3344     
​​​​​​​​​​​The UW Medicine Multiple Sclerosis Center, now located at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, is formerly known as Western Multiple Sclerosis Center. It was established in 1977 at UW Medical Center as one of the first comprehensive MS centers in the country. 

Our new, state of the art facility offers a full range of services for MS patients including diagnosis and treatment. Our healthcare providers and staff are knowledgeable about current research methods, disease treatments, rehabilitation treatments and experimental treatments.
As part of the UW Medicine health system, the center draws from a broad band of practitioners’ knowledge, expertise and experience. In addition to physicians who specialize in MS, patients have access to professionals in many subspecialties and services:

  • Neuropsychologists
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Wheelchair/seating and positioning specialists
  • Assistive technology specialists
  • Urologists
  • Neuro-ophthalmologists
  • Orthotists
  • Driving rehabilitation specialists
​ ​​ ​Visit Plan
  • Plan to arrive at the UW MS Center about 15 minutes before your first appointment to complete registration and check-in.
  • Please allow Sixty to Ninety minutes for your first clinic visit.
  • The UW MS Center has a teaching mission in addition to patient care. You may be seen by a medical student and/or resident as well as the attending physician​
  • When scheduling your visit, we will collect previous health information including PCP, other specialists, and locations of prior imaging/care.
Billing Information
  • Although we are located on NWH Campus, the MS Center has the same billing as UWMC. Patients who receive outpatient services will receive two bills:
    • One bill from the physician or other provider (for the costs of his or her professional services).
    • One bill from the hospital (for costs, i.e. building, equipment, supplies, staff time).
  • ​​Each of these bills may incur a co-payment or co-insurance responsibility for the patient.
  • The exact dollar amount of the co-insurance or co-payment that will be required to pay to the hospital and the physician will depend upon the actual services provided to you during your first visit and the coverage provided by your insurance.
  • ​For information about facility fees and hospital-billing, please visit our facility fee FAQs.​

The center is a member of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers and affiliated with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the MS Association of King County and the local MS walk.

Please join us for our Monthly Education Sessions for Patients with MS​​​​