AirCare in Washington


Airlift Northwest is pleased to offer AirCare membership, a program that provides Washington residents with high-quality air medical transport service at an affordable cost.

Air medical transportation

When you or a family member are seriously ill or injured, the attending physician or emergency response team may determine that air medical transportation is needed. In those cases, you may request Airlift Northwest.

Lifesaving air medical transport can be expensive and insurances may not cover all costs. As an AirCare member, only your insurance company receives a bill. Airlift Northwest works directly with your insurance company for claims processing. The AirCare membership program is secondary to all payers. The purpose of the AirCare membership is to cover the patient responsibility amount indicated by the insurance company’s explanation of benefit for all emergent and medically necessary air medical transport services that are provided to the closest, most appropriate facility.


As an AirCare member, you are covered by Airlift Northwest — with bases located strategically throughout Washington and Southeast Alaska – and by our reciprocal partners. For more information about our reciprocal partners, visit

The AirCare membership costs $79 a year in Washington and covers all members of your household. Household members are defined as you, your spouse, unmarried partner and any children (dependents) claimed on your current income tax return.

All members are required to have an insurance product that includes air medical transport benefits. Members must be listed on the enrollment form.

Vacation Membership

Airlift Northwest offers a special membership package to those vacationing in Washington, but who are not residents of the state. Vacation memberships are good for three consecutive months and cost $60 for Washington destinations.

​Mission of Caring

​Airlift Northwest is committed to the region and provides a substantial amount of financial assistance to a Mission of Caring fund for those in need. If you would like to help support Airlift Northwest’s Mission of Caring fund, please indicate your donation on the enrollment form.

Washington AirCare Membership Terms and Conditions

I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • ​AirCare membership applies to me, my spouse or unmarried partner, and any dependent children claimed on my current income tax return and who are covered by an existing health insurance product that includes air medical transport benefits, as listed on the enrollment form.​
  • ​AirCare membership is not an insurance product.
  • I have air medical transport benefits with an insurance company as indicated on the enrollment form. I agree to notify Airlift Northwest within five business days of any change in my insurance or the insurance of any other household members enrolled in the AirCare membership.
  • If I receive an air medical transport by Airlift Northwest, Airlift Northwest will bill my insurance or other responsible third party payer. My AirCare membership is secondary to insurance or coverage provided by another third party payer. Airlift Northwest will accept the amount paid by my insurance for any medically necessary transport. The AirCare membership fee constitutes prepayment for the patient responsibility amount indicated by the insurance company’s explanation of benefit for all emergent and medically necessary air medical transport services provided to the closest, most appropriate facility.
  • When Airlift Northwest provides air medical transport, Airlift Northwest provides value to me and incurs cost for itself. By my signature below, I hereby assign directly to Airlift Northwest all rights to insurance or other payer payments that are due to me in order to compensate Airlift Northwest for the cost it incurs in providing air transport service on my behalf. I agree to turn over any payment(s) made to me by my insurance company for air medical flight within ten days of receiving payment.
  • Per government regulations, individuals covered by Medicaid are not eligible and should not apply. Airlift Northwest reserves the right to decline acceptance of anyone into its AirCare membership program; however, once Airlift Northwest receives the fully completed enrollment form and accepts payment of the AirCare membership fee, my AirCare membership benefits will be effective as of the third business day following receipt unless Airlift Northwest returns or refunds my membership fee or notifies me that my membership fee payment has not been accepted.
  • My AirCare membership benefits will automatically expire at the end of my enrollment period, unless payment of the next AirCare membership fee is received by Airlift Northwest within 14 days after expiration of my enrollment period.
  • A spouse or unmarried partner, and children who are or will be claimed as dependents on my current income tax return, may be added to my AirCare membership. In order for my AirCare membership to apply to anyone who joins my household after the membership goes into effect, I must first provide Airlift Northwest with written notice of the new household members’ name, date of birth, relationship to me and primary insurance information. AirCare membership for any household members that I add will not become effective until three business days from the date I notify membership services of the addition. For purposes of this notification provision, the three business day timeframe shall be calculated upon receipt at Airlift Northwest’s physical address or email address. Newborns are AirCare members and require notification within 30 days from the date of birth to continue coverage. If notification is not received within the defined time frame, a newborn can be added at a later date with a three-business-day waiting period.
  • AirCare Membership applies to emergent transports and does not apply to any scheduled transport or non-emergent transport. Emergent air medical transports are based on medical need, not membership status, and transport will be made to the closest, medically appropriate facility as requested by a physician or medical professional. I am responsible for the cost of any transports that are determined not medically necessary by my insurance.
  • Air medical transport service by Airlift Northwest cannot be guaranteed due to weather conditions, geographic restraints or commitment to another patient transport. AirCare membership covers Airlift Northwest air medical transport services, and I agree that charges or fees for a ground ambulance transport are not included in my AirCare membership.
  • I will not receive benefits of the AirCare membership program if transportation is made by an air ambulance company other than Airlift Northwest. If I am transported by an air medical transport service that participates in a reciprocating program, my membership benefits will be based on the reciprocating program benefits. Those benefits may vary from AirCare membership benefits.
  • AirCare membership purchases are nontransferable.
  • In the event Airlift Northwest is compelled to institute action to enforce the terms of this AirCare Membership Agreement, I will be liable for attorneys’ fees, collection costs, interest at the statutory rate and all other costs and expenses which may be incurred.
Members acknowledge and agree to the above terms with signature on AirCare Membership brochure or with payment.


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