Making a difference in community healthcare

The UW School of Medicine's Service Learning program enriches medical education by cultivating skills that address the health needs of under-resourced communities. We seek to foster the joy of service in students who are preparing for lives of civic and social responsibility as healthcare providers in an increasingly diverse and complex global society.


Community organizing that addresses inequities in healthcare and works to ensure better health outcomes for all.

Clinical Service and Health Education

Collaboration with community partners and schools to respond to local clinical and health education needs.


Creating alliances with local communities to bring underrepresented students into the healthcare professions.

Please take a moment to browse through our Service Learning website to find out about the many inspiring projects that our medical students are leading throughout the region.

Seeking Volunteer Providers

If you are a licensed provider and are interested in working with medical students at one of our clinical sites, or if you have general questions on our Service Learning program please contact the UW School of Medicine Service Learning Team at