Nutrition Services at Harborview

Nutrition Services at Harborview 325 9th Ave., Seattle, WA 98104 206.744.3000     

​​Nutrition Services at Harborview provides nutrition-related evaluation and education to patients of all ages within the outpatient clinics.

Our nutrition professionals are registered dietitians (RD) who work with your providers to help improve your health through quality food and lifestyle choices. You will meet with the dietitian on your appointment date for an individual nutrition consultation. Your nutrition needs will be assessed and personalized recommendations will be offered. You may choose the area you wish to focus on and decide which goals you wish to achieve. Follow up visits will be scheduled as needed.

The registered dietitian can help you:

  • Achieve a healthy weight
  • Lower your cholesterol levels
  • Improve you blood pressure
  • Self-manage your diabetes
  • Improve tolerance to foods after surgery or cancer treatments
  • Learn how to prepare low cost, healthy foods and menus
The dietitians also teach various nutrition classes through Harborview's Patient and Family Resource Center.

Nutrition counseling is available in the following clinics. Ask your Harborview provider for a referral or call one of the numbers below to set an appointment.
  • Adult medicine: 206.744.5865
  • Cardiac/heart disease: 206.744.3475
  • Ground West Clinics: 206.744.4192 (Includes children and teens, family medicine, women's and international medicine clinics.)
  • Liver: 206.744.6475
  • Madison Clinic (HIV/AIDS): 206.744.5177
  • Medical/surgical specialties: 206.744.3241 (Includes diabetes, weight management, general surgery, cancer, renal and gastrointestinal.)
  • Oral surgery: 206.744.3189
  • Pioneer Square Clinic: 206.521.1750
  • Rehabilitation medicine: 206.744.5862
  • Senior care: 206.744.4191
  • Stroke: 206.744.3992
  • Women Infants Children (WIC) Nutrition Program: 206.744.3548