Employee referral program

Last updated: March 18, 2024

UW employees are in the best position to tell their friends and family why working at UW is so rewarding. 

Help us fill critical Harborview, UW Medical Center (Montlake and Northwest), UW Medicine Primary Care, and Shared Services positions and earn up to $1,000 for your referral!

Positions included in the referral program

We are seeking highly qualified new employees for all regular positions at UW Medicine (excluding School of Medicine positions).

Referrals to nonpermanent, intermittent, and per diem positions do not qualify for the referral program.

How do I refer someone?

Making referrals is easy. To be eligible for a referral payment, have your friend or family member apply to a regular UW Medicine job online and ask them to document your name as their referral source in their Profile listing the following: 

  • Referral Type – “Employee Referral” 
  • Source/Team – Employee’s name 

After the person you referred has applied, complete our employee referral form to let us know the name of your referral, as well as the position they applied for. This form should be submitted immediately after your referral applies to a position. Forms that are received more than four months after the referred employee’s start date will not be eligible for the referral incentive.

Important: In order for you to receive the referral award, the candidate you referred must enter your name in the designated location at the time of application. 

Who is eligible to earn a referral?

All UW employees are eligible for participation in the employee referral program except for:

  • Staff who are in the final counseling or dismissal steps of the corrective action process.
  • Employees who are on unpaid leave.
  • Referring employees who are in the direct or indirect leadership team of the candidate being referred.
  • Referring employees who are involved in the interviewing and selection process of the candidate being referred.
  • Referring employees who are members of a recruitment team.

How will I get my referral payment?

Referral awards are split in two-payments after the individual is hired. 50% is paid after your referred employee completes new employee orientation. The remaining 50% is paid after your referred employee completes six months of employment.

In order to be eligible to receive a referral award, you and your referral must be employed by the University, in good standing, and in pay status at the time payment is to be made. Referral payments are paid through the payroll process and are subject to all applicable deductions and taxes. Referral payments are reported as income for tax purposes.

Program restrictions

While we appreciate all referrals, certain types of candidate referrals do not meet the requirements of the referral program. These include:

  • Current UW employees or UW Medicine employees.
  • Current per diem, nonpermanent, intermittent, and student employees.
  • Current agency staff on assignment to UW Medicine.
  • Referring individuals who have held any of the above types of positions at the University or entity within UW Medicine within the last 12 months.

Human Resources reserves the right to evaluate program eligibility on a case-by-case basis. UW Medicine and the University reserve the right to amend, interpret, terminate, or suspend this program at any time.