Biomedical Graduate Education Programs

​​The UW School of Medicine provides advanced scientific training toward graduate degrees in biomedical research in a resource-rich, collaborative environment dedicated to scientific discovery. Academic graduate degrees are available through the following departments and programs:

Biomedical Sciences Research Program

These UW School of Medicine academic graduate programs are a part of the larger, UW-wide Biomedical Research Programs. All of the Biomedical Research Programs reflect the cross-disciplinary nature of training in the sciences. Students apply to individual programs, most of which are based in a single department. Several departmental programs have an open rotation policy where first year students can do a laboratory rotation in another participating program. Under this policy, it is also possible for a student to change their degree-granting departmental program early in their enrollment.

Research training opportunities include affiliation with such institutions as the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Virginia Mason Research Center, and departmental relationship with many biotechnology firms and nonprofit research institutes.

New Graduate Discovery Fellowships Program

Graduate Discovery Fellowships provide funded opportunities for individual Ph.D. student to explore diverse, career-enhancing opportunities through external learning experiences independent of their UW mentor and graduate program. Fellowships are not restricted to specific science career goals. Successful proposals foster research independence and innovation, and broaden students' career opportunities and vision of science. Fellowship appointments can be between three and nine months. The application deadline for the next round of competition is 12 noon June 1, 2017. See the complete Request for Applications and Application Form for the full requirements.

Visiting International Student Internship & Training (VISIT)

The School of Medicine participates in the Visiting International Student Internship & Training Program (VISIT). The VISIT program permits students pursuing predoctoral programs at universities outside of the US to participate in full-time supervised research and work-based learning experiences at the University of Washington. In the School of Medicine, such internship experiences are generally based on existing collaborations between our faculty members and the student's home institution. Applications* for the program can be found on the ​​VISIT website.

*The 1025-J VISIT Visa Request Form should be signed by the faculty mentor, the department chair, and routed to the Office of Research and Graduate Education​​ for signature on behalf of the Dean of the School of Medicine.

Salary and Benefits

All but two Biomedical Sciences programs guarantee salary, medical coverage, and tuition waivers to students in good standing. In most cases, the Bioengineering program and the Bioinformatics programs provide stipend and tuition waivers or research assistantships to their students. However, this funding is not guaranteed.

How to Apply

Application to one of the Biomedical Science Programs must be completed using the UW Graduate School's Application for Graduate Study at the University of Washington form. Completing this form, and following the instructions for each specific program, will fulfill application requirements for both the UW Graduate School and the individual program. If you wish to apply to more than one program, you must complete a new application, and pay another application fee.​