Billing and Insurance

​​​About Y​our Bill​

If you have received services at Harborview Medical Center or UW Medical Center, you are likely to receive two bills.

Your Hospital Bill

One bill is from the hospital and will be for things such as hospital stays, clinic visits, and other outpatient services, such as X-rays, lab tests and therapies. This bill will have the hospital name on it. Following are links to more information about your hospital bill and information on how to pay your hospital bill.

UW Physician Bill

The other bill is for professional services provided by your physician. This bill will indicate that it is from "UW Physicians."  The following link provides additional information about your UW Physician bill as well as how to pay your UW Physicians bill.
If you have questions about a bill you have received, please click below on the image that looks like your bill. Or you may contact Patient Financial Services.

Facility bill for Harborview or UW Medical Center services 

Click the image or link above for questions about this bill.

UW Physicians bill 

Click the image or link above for questions about this bill.

Online Bill Pay

Welcome to the Online Bill Pay for Harborview and University of Washington Medical Centers. To begin, select the appropriate medical center which can be found on your statement.