E*Value Portal

E*Value Clinical Scheduling & Evaluation System

(Please save this site to your favorites for logging into E*Value)

  • E*VALUE PORTAL – Login for all Students and most UW Faculty, Residents and Staff (UW NetID authentication)
  • E*VALUE WEBSITE – Login for non-UW Educators OR UW Educators or Staff who prefer *not* to use UW NetID (Non-UW NetID authentication)

What is E*Value?

E*Value is used for scheduling and evaluating of students’ clinical clerkships. In E*Value, students can find their immunizations & certifications, check the availability of clerkships, view their full clinical schedule, and view their clinical clerkship grades.

Where can I go for help?

Problems logging into E*Value?

Q: How do I reset my UW NetID password?
A: Step 1-Visit the What to Do When You Forget Your UW NetID Password page on the UW Technology web site. Step 2-After your NetID has been reset, email mdsdb@uw.edu to get your NetID updated in E*Value allowing you to login.

Q: When I try to log in with my UW NetID, why do I get an error message that says, “Your login to E*Value failed | Error: Invalid External_ID”?
A:  Your UW NetID may not be entered into E*Value properly. Contact your department or clerkship coordinator or mdsdb@uw.edu.

Q: Why doesn’t my UW NetID work at “https://www.e-value.net”?
A: If your E*Value profile is configured for UW NetID authentication, logging in with your UW NetID and password can *only* be done via the E*Value Portal option above.

Q: I don’t use my UW NetID to login. How do I know what my username and password are?
A:  You may have received a notification alerting you to your initial E*Value username and password. If not, contact your department or clerkship coordinator or mdsdb@uw.edu.

Q: Neither of the above two login links work for me? What do I do?
A: Contact your department or clerkship coordinator or mdsdb@uw.edu.