WWAMI Track Program

​​​​The WWAMI Track program allows a select group of students to complete most of their required clerkships scheduled in one specific city or state throughout the WWAMI region. Medical students must participate in an application process, whereby selected students are matched to Track sites to fulfill their third or fourth year required clerkships.

​​​​​​Third Year Tracks

Third year state-based tracks are offered in: 

Third year city-based tracks are offered in:

​Third year Track students must complete 5 out of the 6 third year required clerkships at their Track location, with the exception of the Wyoming Track (4 of the 6 required clerkships). Change to: Patient Care Track students must complete a minimum of 24 weeks of required clerkships at their track location.

Fourth Year Tracks​

​Fourth year state-based tracks are offered in: 

Fourth year city-based track offered in: 

​Currently, under Fourth Year Tracks: Fourth year track students must complete all of the 3 required fourth year clerkships within their Track. All tracks also offer the opportunity to take a variety of electives within the site. Change to: Explore & Focus Phase Track students are required to complete a minimum of 12 weeks of clerkships within their Track location. All tracks offer the opportunity to take a variety of electives at the site.​