Patient Care Phase OSCEs


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The Patient Care Phase OSCEs continue to assess the core skills taught in the Foundations of Clinical Medicine, content from themes and blocks. In addition, the goals and objectives of required clinical clerkships are integrated into the OSCEs. Only content that has been presented to all students will be part of the OSCEs.


Most cases are 25 minutes long, with 2 minutes to read instructions, 14 minutes with the patient, and 9 minutes for write-up or feedback. There are usually a total of 9 cases. Some cases require a write-up that is graded at a later time while others allow for an observer to give immediate feedback to the student Please refer to the USMLE Step 2 CS website for more information about CS-style notes.

The overall format for Patient Care Phase OSCEs closely mirrors the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination. Students are asked to integrate history and examination findings to create (and sometimes document) a logical differential diagnosis and plan. Even more so than the Foundations Phase OSCEs, these encounters authentically simulate real patient encounters. As such, factors such as building rapport, professionalism, respect, and cultural competence continue to be very important.

Grading and Remediation

Students and their College Mentors will be notified of the results via email after all students have completed the second Patient Care Phase OSCE. Successfully completing the second Patient Care Phase OSCE is a graduation requirement, so those students who need further development will need to undergo a remedial exam after meeting with their College Mentor to review their test materials. If a student fails the Remedial OSCE, the Student Progress Committee will make further recommendations.