Services & Programs

​​Art Program

Since 1986, the University of Washington Medical Center has presented an Art Program for the benefit and enjoyment of our community of patients, visitors, faculty and staff.

The UWMC Art Program includes:
  • A permanent art collection of over 1200 art works, including:
  • The Contemporary NW Fine Art Collection
  • The International Textile Collection
  • 2 Galleries that feature special projects and exhibitions
  • Programs in literary and performing arts
  • Live music performances
  • Arts in Healing, a program that offers weekly hands-on art groups and bedside visits for patients, family members, and caregivers.

  • Primary funding for the UWMC Art Program is provided by the UWMC Service League a nonprofit organization that raises money for patient services.

    Contact the Art Program: 206.598.6308 or

    Beauty & Cancer

    The Beauty and Cancer Program at UWMC provides free wigs, hats, and scarves to cancer patients receiving care at UWMC and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). Beauty and Cancer consultants see patients by appointment. Please call 206-598-3604 for more information.

    Cash Machines

    A cash machine is on the main floor (Level 3) of the medical center, across from the Cashier's Office, and another is near the Plaza Cafe on Level 1. Behind UW Medical Center, you will find a cash machine located at the west entrance to the South Campus Center.

    Cell Phones

    Please turn cell phone ringers to "silent" or “vibrate only” to preserve the peaceful healing environment of our patient care areas. Also, cell phone use may be limited in some areas of the hospital. Before using your cell phone, please:

    • Check with staff at the main desk of your unit or clinic.
    • Look for and obey signs that limit cell phone use.

    Contacting Patients

    By Email

    To send an email to a patient at UWMC, please:

    • Use our online form
    • Fill in the form and click on “Submit.” Your message will be printed and delivered to the patient by a hospital volunteer or staff.

    Please do not send urgent or confidential information. All messages are reviewed before they are delivered. Messages deemed inappropriate, such as business solicitations, will be discarded.

    To protect patient privacy, we cannot confirm delivery. Please also note that we are not able to deliver messages on weekends or holidays.

    By Phone

    To contact a patient by phone, call the main information line at the hospital: 206-598-3300.

    By U.S. Mail

    Mail is delivered to patient floors every day. Mail for inpatients should be addressed to:

    • Patient Name
    • Room Number
    • Box 356144
    • University of Washington Medical Center
    • 1959 N.E. Pacific St.
    • Seattle, WA 98195

    Outgoing mail may be placed in the mailbox at the nurses’ station or the U.S. mailbox in front of the medical center, near the bus stop. Stamps are available at the UW Medical Center Gift Shop.

    Internet Access

    Free Wi-Fi access is available to UWMC patients and visitors in all areas of the hospital.


    The UWMC pharmacy is on the 3rd floor near the Cascade elevators.

    Hours are weekdays, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends and holidays. If you have questions, please call 206.598.4363.

    Phones and Assistive Devices

    The main medical center telephone number is 206.598.3300. Incoming calls to patients are connected to their rooms.

    Courtesy phones to make local calls are available throughout the hospital and clinics, in waiting rooms and in the main hospital lobby. A courtesy phone is also available in the Health Information Resource Center on the third floor near the main entrance.

    Find UWMC pay phones in these lobbies:

    • Pacific elevator lobbies on the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 8th floors
    • Surgery Pavilion lobby, next to restrooms, on the 3rd floor

    There are also two pay phones located in the South Campus Center, to the south of UWMC.

    The main number for UWMC - Roosevelt is 206.598.5700. Public telephones are in the lobby (first floor), including one that is TTY-accessible.

    UWMC provides a variety of adaptive communication equipment for patients who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or who have other communication needs.

    Interpreter Services and Teleservices have TTY machines to lend to patients who are at UWMC for an inpatient visit. A TTY is used by a deaf or hard-of-hearing patient to communicate with friends or contacts outside of the hospital. Contact Interpreter Services Monday through Friday (206.598.4425) or call Teleservices (598.6970) for more on use of TTY machines.

    Room Service for Patients

    The Center Dining Room Service is pleased to offer room service dining to UWMC patients. We are dedicated to providing high quality, freshly prepared foods in a timely manner, according to each patient’s specific dietary needs.

    Our team of experts meets regularly to review the menu for health and wellness. You will find a variety of local and organic selections on your room service menu. Your personal menu will provide a selection of healthy choices that are based on the diet your doctor has ordered for you. With room service dining, you may choose the foods that you want to eat and receive them at times that you request.

    Our staff is committed to quality patient care and meeting your needs. If we can make your experience more positive, please speak with your dietitian, diet technician, or ambassador for help.


    All UWMC locations are smoke- and tobacco-free. Smoking is not allowed on any UWMC property. This includes parking garages, grounds, and sidewalks near entrances. We are committed to a safe and healthy environment for our patients and staff.

    Waiting Rooms

    Family members or friends waiting for a patient in surgery may use the 2nd floor surgery waiting lounge. Volunteers are usually at the information desk weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. They will tell waiting family members or friends when the patient is out of surgery and transferred to an inpatient room.

    Visitors' lounges are found near each inpatient nursing unit. Waiting rooms for patients and visitors are also in the Emergency Department, in each outpatient clinic, and in the main lobby.

    Wellness Program

    The goal of the Wellness Program at UWMC’s Plaza Café is to improve the health of the community by using up-to-date nutritional knowledge to inform the healthy foods we serve and the education we provide staff, patients, and the community.

    Our team of experts meets every month to review our menus for health and wellness. This team, called the “Healthy Committee,” is made of our director, managers of different areas in the hospital, our talented sous chef, clinical dietitians, and our food buyer.

    The Wellness Program stays grounded in research-based nutrition. We do not change our menus according to fads. We are constantly working to connect the dots between research, good food, and education.

    Through the Wellness Program, the Healthy Committee has launched programs such as our monthly Farmer’s Market, Meatless Mondays, Healthy Beverages Initiative, and Farm Fresh Fridays. We work closely with local farmers to bring the UWMC community the best local food we can find.