Health Online

​​ Health Online is an online library of patient and family education handouts written by clinicians at University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC). Each entry includes a description of the handout content, dates of original publication and latest revision, and authoring department information. It also lists the non-English language versions that have been created.

Health Online is a collaborative project between UWMC Patient and Family Education Services and UW Medicine Information Technology (IT) Services.

How to Use the Health Online Website

Searching for a Handout

From the main page of the Health Online website, you can search for:
  • A specific handout by typing one keyword into the “Subject or Title” field under SEARCH.
  • All handouts in a general topic area by selecting from the "Topics" list under GENERAL TOPIC SEARCH.
  • All handouts authored by a specific UWMC department by selecting from the "Departments" list under GENERAL TOPIC SEARCH.

Use the "Advanced Search" page to narrow your search. Options on this page include specifying words in the title, authoring department, keywords, specific subject areas, and language.

Printing a Handout

When the list of documents that meet your criteria comes up on the screen, double-click a blue button of the language you are wanting. This will bring up an Adobe pdf document that you can print or read onscreen.