Mission, Vision, and Values

​​​Our Mission

​U​niversity of Washington Medical Center Improves Health by Providing Exceptional Patient and Family Centered Care In an Environment of Education and Innovation.

Our Vision

  • To be the Safest Medical Center.
  • To be a Thriving Medical Center.
  • To be a Medical Center of Choice for patients, faculty and staff.
​Building on their combined strengths, UW Medical Center and the UW School of Medicine are regional leaders in primary care and the region’s valued source for advanced specialized care and innovations in health-care practice. UW Medicine is known world-wide for its research and training and locally for its responsiveness to the needs of the people of the region for superb, cost-effective, appropriate and accessible medical care. To realize its vision, UW Medical Center is:
  • Increasing its services and training programs in primary and ambulatory care 
  • Expanding its range of clinical services offered directly or in collaboration with others to minimize cost, improve access, and enhance service excellence 
  • Strengthening its commitment to the ongoing health of the people of the region through an emphasis on preventive services and innovative communication technologies 
  • Developing a widening range of services and satellite sites, some operating in affiliation with other institutions, and all anchored by the programs of UW Medicine.

Our Values

At UW Medical Center, our values guide all our actions and decision-making. They are:

  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for our actions and their collective outcomes is reflected in the many daily decisions and actions that enhance UW Medical Center's commitment to patient care, research, and education. It applies to the staff who provide direct patient care and to those supporting patient care activities. 
  • Respect: UW Medical Center staff perform a wide range of jobs to keep the medical center functioning smoothly 24 hours a day. Positive working relationships between people in different departments ensures high quality patient care. Respect is crucial to maintaining cooperation and effective teamwork between individuals and departments. Respect also means we value confidentiality of our patients. This applies equally to UW Medical Center staff who become patients. 
  • Innovation: Thinking creatively is key to ensuring a continued high standard of patient care. All staff keep UW Medical Center at the forefront of health-care facilities by thinking of new ways to solve problems. 
  • Service: UW Medical Center consistently tries to meet needs of our patients, physicians, staff, and the community. All UW Medical Center staff, whether they provide direct care or support services, play an important role in serving those who have chosen to receive care at UW Medical Center. 
  • Excellence: Excellence is the result of a commitment from each of us to use all our intelligence, skills and compassion to do our best, all the time.