UW Medicine Sleep Center

The UW Medicine Sleep Center

Locate at Harborview Medical Center , the UW Medicine Sleep Center is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Our health-care practitioners include a multidisciplinary group of board-certified specialists in sleep medicine, pulmonary medicine, neurology, otolaryngology and oral medicine.

We are skilled at treating a wide breadth of sleep disorders, including: sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, restless leg syndrome/periodic limb movement disorder, and circadian rhythm abnormalities. And we treat even more conditions – these are just a few.

Our sleep center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The Sleep Surgery Clinic

Located at Harborview Medical Center, the Sleep Surgery Clinic provides surgical evaluation and treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. Evaluation and treatment includes diagnostic office procedures, therapeutic office procedures and surgical options for the nose, palate, pharynx, tongue, larynx, facial bones and trachea.

Our team also provides care at the UW Medical Center and UW Medicine Neighborhood Clinics in Issaquah and Woodinville.

We welcome you to our center and look forward to helping you with your sleep problems.