UW Medicine Sleep Center

During the Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT), the activity of your brain, eyes, chin, and heart will be monitored during four or five pre-scheduled 20 minute sleep opportunities. This will let your doctor know how sleepy you are and what kind of sleep you have during the day.

In order to make this a useful study, you must allow at least 8 hours in bed for sleep on a regular schedule for the 2 weeks preceding this test. In addition, you should adhere to any recommendation from your sleep physician concerning medication that should be discontinued prior to this study.

If you are taking any medications (including over-the-counter and/or herbal supplements) do not consume them the morning of the study. Please bring your labeled medications with you to discuss whether they should be taken prior to sleep testing.

Prior to arrival, please eat a normal breakfast, but do not consume caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, cocoa, caffeinated sodas, energy drinks). If this test occurs the day after an overnight study, breakfast will be provided. Lunch will also be provided for all studies. If you require snacks (e.g. for diabetes), please bring them with you.

Your hair should be clean (no hairspray, gel, etc.) in order to minimize interference with data recording.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may bring your own pillow.

You will be in a private room with a television, telephone, and a bathroom with a shower. Please bring things to do between the tests. In order to obtain the most accurate results, visitors and telephone calls are discouraged.

Please do not hesitate to call 206.744.4999 if you have any questions.