​​​​​​​​​​​​Our clinical support team consists of registered nurses, medical assistants, and patient services specialists to coordinate your care. Plus, we have financial counselors available to answer your financial questions. Our andrology laboratory is on-site to provide the utmost privacy for our patients.



  • Kaylin Emmanuel, RN
  • Alyssa Hahn, RN
  • Naomi Halset, RN

Medical Assistants

  • Marie Barchasch, MA
  • Andrina Hill, MA
  • Andrea Naert, MA

Patient Services Specialist

  • Claire Carlson-Jurich

Embryology Lab

  • Andrew Dorfmann, MS Lab Director
  • Michael Eagle, Embryologist

Financial Counselors

  • Christina Thiemann

Clinic Manager

  • Rekha Matken BSN,MS,WHNP​

​General Contact Information

  • Phone: 206.598.4225
  • Fax: 206.598.7080