March 27, 2015​​​

UW Medicine Diagnostic Imaging Overview

We offer diagnostic imaging at seven different locations in Seattle and on the Eastside
​February 23, 2015​​

Revolution CT scanner - King 5 HealthLink

One of the concerns with CT scans is all the radiation exposure, especially for patients who need many repeat scans. Not anymore. The University of Washington Medical Center has acquired a new machine that’s so revolutionary, it’s called - The Revolution.
Augu​st 13, 2014​

Low Dose Radiology

Our physicians are concerned with how much radiation their patients receive during diagnosis and treatment. They use better techniques and better technology to make sure you receive the smallest amount of radiation possible.
​November 13, 2013

Predicting and Preventing Disease: Early Diagnosis for All? 

Technologies are evolving that transform early disease detection. Discover how researchers push the envelope with a range of innovations as they aim for rapid testing at the point-of-care.

​September 14, 2008​

Brain Tumor

Deborah Kelley thought she had another migraine, but an MRI showed a brain tumor. With the news, Kelley underwent an “awake” surgery in which the neurosurgeon, Dr. Dan Silbergeld of the University of Washington Medical Center, used stereotactic navigation to precisely locate the tumor, a cancerous glioma, while monitoring Kelley’s language skills.
​June 06, 2008

Cardiovascular Disease: Part 1

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in Americans. In this University of Washington program, Dr. Kevin O’Brien teaches you how to identify the risk for deadly medical problems leading to this disease.

​June 06, 2008

Cardiovascular Disease: Part 2

Dr. Wayne Levy, creator of the Seattle Heart Failure model, gives a detailed explanation of how his model makes accurate predictions of survival rates among congestive heart failure patients.

​May 31, 2006

Center for Endovascular Therapy

UW Medicine's Center for Endovascular Therapy offers a unified, multidisciplinary approach to patient care at both Harborview Medical Center and UW Medical Center.