Diabetes and Pregnancy Program

​​UW Medicine Maternal and Infant Care Clinic at UW Medical Center offers high-risk obstetrical care for women with diabetes who are pregnant or who are planning a pregnancy.

Our goals are to provide:
  • Counseling for women with diabetes who are considering pregnancy.
  • Comprehensive management and consultation for women with preexisting diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) and for women who develop diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes).
  • Improved outcomes for mothers and babies.

The Care Team

A highly skilled team will help you manage both your diabetes and your pregnancy. The team includes maternal fetal medicine doctors (also called perinatologists or high-risk obstetricians), registered nurses, a diabetes nurse practitioner, a registered nutritionist and social workers.

Our high level of prenatal care for these families includes:
  1. Frequent clinic visits, usually every 1 to 2 weeks.
  2. Review of glucose logs by phone or fax at least weekly on weeks you do not have a clinic appointment.
  3. Comprehensive and individualized diabetes education in diabetes self-management by diabetes education specialists.
  4. Insulin pump and continuous glucose sensor training, initiation and ongoing management if indicated.
  5. Nutritional counseling by a registered dietitian targeting the special needs of women with diabetes.
  6. Social work support to assist women and their families with the special concerns of a high-risk pregnancy.
  7. Ready access to our diabetes and pregnancy team for consultation and support before, during and after pregnancy.
The Diabetes and Pregnancy Program, located within the Maternal and Infant Care Clinic at UW Medical Center, has been a community leader for high level obstetric care in the Puget Sound area for more than 25 years.

The Diabetes and Pregnancy Program provides complete prenatal care during pregnancy to women who self-refer or who are referred by their primary care physician for consultation. Our Diabetes and Pregnancy team thoroughly evaluates each woman’s specific needs, makes recommendations to her health-care provider, and returns her to her care provider. Patients can give birth in our beautiful Maternity and Infant Center or deliver at previously chosen hospital. 

Who should receive care in the Diabetes and Pregnancy Program?

  • Women with diabetes who are considering pregnancy.
  • Women with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
  • Women who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes during their pregnancy.