Birth Options

At UW Medicine, we strive to honor your personal choices and preferences about your pregnancy and delivery care. From uncomplicated natural births assisted by midwives to highly specialized care for women with complicated pregnancies, UW Medicine provides the pregnancy and childbirth services you need.

You can prepare for your baby’s birth under the expert care of one of our certified nurse midwives​, obstetricians or those family practice doctors who provide OB care. We can also support your decision to include a doula in your care and will consider them part of your birth team. We are committed to offering family-centered care, providing choices, and supporting each woman’s unique experience.

Our childbirth centers can be found across the Puget Sound region from North Seattle to Renton, and all are designed for your comfort and safety. Our units provide a soothing place where you and your loved ones will be supported from pregnancy to delivery and beyond by our highly skilled providers and nursing staff. Whether you choose natural childbirth or the use of medication, we offer you options for managing pain during labor and delivery. Should you have a scheduled cesarean section, or one becomes necessary during your labor, our team is ready to provide the safest delivery for you and your baby. And while most deliveries are healthy and normal, we have the most advanced technology and experts available, if needed, to give you and your baby any extra care you require.

Once your baby is born, we will continue to do all we can to nurture your transition to parenthood. Your baby will stay in your room with you to promote bonding and support breastfeeding​. If your baby is born premature or needs additional care after birth, our special care nurseries and neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) provide special monitoring and an expert team to care for your baby.

At UW Medicine, our focus is on providing you with the birth experience you desire, and giving your baby safe entry into a warm and welcoming world.