Neurology Medical Specialty
Dr. Kyra Becker at work.

​​​​The UW Medicine Neurology team is dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of patients with neurological issues such as epilepsy, stroke, movement disorders, memory disorders and dementia, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular diseases, neuro-oncology, sleep disorders, and pediatric neurology.​

As part of the UW Medicine Neurosciences Institute, we offer comprehensive, personalized consultation, evaluation and treatment for adults and children throughout Western Washington. We thoroughly evaluate each patient's symptoms​ and health history to provide an accurate diagnosis and appropriate medical or surgical treatment options. Our team strives to ensure that patients and their caregivers understand their condition, their treatment options, and the therapies that will benefit them the most.

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In addition to providing compassionate, individualized care to each patient, the UW Medicine Neurology team participates in groundbreaking research that improves the lives of patients around the globe.

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