Neurological Surgery

Dr. Manuel Ferreira performing microscopic surgery.

​​​​​The UW Medicine Neurological Surgery team is dedicated to improving lives by providing expert patient care and advanced treatment of conditions of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves. UW Medicine neurosurgeons are international leaders and pioneers in treating patients with complex neurological conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, movement disorders, spinal abnormalities, chronic pain, pediatric conditions and tumors. Our neurosurgeons perform more traumatic brain and spine injury repairs, brain tumor surgeries, and skull and aneurysm operations than any other medical system in the Pacific Northwest.

We are committed to providing outstanding care for patients of all ages. Our dedicated neurosurgeons make sure the patient comes first in all aspects of care. Our comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to treating complex neurosurgical problems ensures patients uncompromised care using the latest technology. We provide adult and pediatric care for a broad range of neurological diseases and disorders at four UW Medicine affiliated hospitals in Seattle, as well as partner with neuroscientists who are engaged in research that allows us to bring leading-edge advances from the laboratory to the clinic and operating room.​