Multiple Sclerosis

MS Walk

MS WalkWorking with and working for people living with MS, we know firsthand what invaluable support the NMSS provides to people with MS right here in our city and region but also to those many with MS who do not have easy access to MS-specialty providers. The NMSS gives enormous support to patients with MS and their families. They support many services which otherwise would fall through the cracks: programs for well-being, yoga, equipment, social services, care manager for MS people who are overwhelmed maneuvering the social /insurance systems, education, provide financial support in crisis, sponsor MS patients who cannot pay for treatments or counseling. We do see and appreciate this commitment on daily basis.

This was actually our 6th straight year at the MS Walk. We had a wonderful group of walkers to show their appreciation and support for the NMSS. We are looking forward to next year

For information about the 2012 team and donations please visit the team website.

We will be back to show our support so please stay tuned for 2013 Seattle MS Walk information.