Infectious Disease Services

​​​​​​​​​Dr. Ajit Limaye at work
​​Dr. Ajit Limaye at work
​ UWMC is the only transplant center in the region with a specialized transplant infectious disease (ID) team. The transplant ID team consists of a group of board-certified ID physicians with expertise in transplant infections.

Our goal is to minimize the incidence and impact of infections, so that all our transplant patients will have the best possible outcomes after their transplants.

  • The ID specialists collaborate with transplant surgeons to thoroughly evaluate potential deceased donors to ensure that organs can be safely used for transplantation.
  • Through the use of a screening process before transplantation, the ID specialists identify, treat and counsel transplant candidates who might be at increased risk of infection post-transplant.
  • If a patient does develop an infection post-transplant, the transplant ID team acts quickly to minimize the impact of infection and optimize the quality of life post-transplantation.
Our Transplant ID team is led by Ajit Limaye, MD, an internationally recognized expert in transplant infectious disease who serves on the American Society for Transplantation’s Infectious Disease Committee. Dr. Limaye is also active in national and international groups that create guidelines for the prevention and treatment of infections in transplant patients.​