Hand, Elbow & Shoulder Center


​​​Our team includes specially trained highly experienced orthopedic and plastic surgeons, rehabilitation medicine physicians and physical and occupational therapists.

We each have significant experience in treating complex injuries and chronic conditions that affect your body, from the shoulder to the fingertip. We comprehensively treat musculoskeletal, peripheral nerve and skin conditions. In doing so, we apply technological innovations and an advanced knowledge of therapies that yield the best outcomes – understanding brought about by research at the University of Washington and other leading institutions.

We work closely with colleagues in rheumatology, neurology and other areas, but always keep you, the patient, at the center of the team.

Our goal is to return you to full function and the activities you love: enjoying the outdoors, athletics, hobbies, family activities, travel and work. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide the most appropriate care for your needs.