​May ​01,​ 2​0​12​

​​​OB GYN Specialist Discusses New Pap Smear Guidelines​

As of Spring 2012, multiple health​ organizations support new guidelines to reduce the​ frequ​ency of​ cervical-cancer screenings. Dr. Connie Mao, a UW Medicine OB-Gyn specialist, discusses the changes.

July 29, 2010 

​Caring for High Risk Moms and Newborns

Whether it’s week 20 or the delivery date, any pregnancy can take a risky turn. Learn how UW Medicine providers are working to ensure healthy births for mothers and babies.

​April 30, 2008

Strategies for Early Detection and Prognosis for Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cancer has the highest mortality of all gynecologic cancers. Most women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed after the cancer has already spread to other organs when the cure rate is low. Much effort has been applied to improving the early detection of ovarian cancer.