Approaches to Gynecologic Care

​​​ Nurse with OB patient at HMCChoosing a gynecologist is one of the most personal decisions a woman can make. Some women may select a family practice physician to help her manage all of her health concerns. Others may want a specialist who deals with very complicated and specific gynecologic conditions. UW Medicine offers patients the full spectrum of gynecologic care with access to the most specialized services, should a patient need them.

Family Medicine and Internal Medicine

Dr. Connie MaoThese physicians serve as primary care providers and often encounter and medically manage common obstetric and gynecologic issues, but do not provide surgical treatment if needed. Their scope of practice and training in women's health issues are diverse. Some perform limited diagnostic procedures such as endometrial biopsy, and others refer to obstetric/gynecologic specialists. Some family medicine and internal medicine physicians have completed a specialized fellowship in women's health or obstetrics to provide additional clinical competence in this area.


These specialists receive four years of training specifically directed at the combined discipline of obstetrics and gynecology and their training involves extensive study of the female reproductive physiology. Obstetricians and gynecologists provide integrated medical and surgical care of women's health throughout their lifespan including comprehensive obstetric care. Some providers practice both obstetrics and gynecology while others may provide specialized gynecology care only.

Gynecologic Cancer Care 

Gynecologic oncologists are obstetrics and gynecology specialists who have an additional three to four years of clinical training to provide comprehensive gynecologic oncology care for women with gynecologic cancers.

Infertility and Reproductive Medicine

Obstetrics and gynecology specialists who specialize in reproductive infertility have an additional three to four years of clinical training to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of infertile couples (female and male) including tubal sterilization reversal, ovulation induction, intrauterine inseminations, assisted reproductive technologies, male infertility treatment and fertility preservation.

Family Planning

These specialist may be obstetrician-gynecologists or other women's health providers who have additional experience and interest in family planning services. This may include providing birth control of all types, sterilization, counseling of medically complex patients in need of contraception, medical and surgical abortion, and management of miscarriage.

Urogynecology and Female Urology

Specialists in female urology and urogynecology provide comprehensive care for female pelvic floor disorders, including pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, urinary frequency and urgency, and more.

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

These obstetrics and gynecology specialists have additional experience and interests in the education, research and clinical care of children and adolescents with gynecologic issues. Additionally, these specialists have the expertise to address the unique needs of pregnant teenaged patients.

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