Appointments & Referrals

​​​​​​Appointments for new patients may be made by calling the Regional Epilepsy Center's scheduling coordinator at 206.744.2253 or by submitting a "Request Appointment" form, accessible from this page.


Self-referrals are accepted – but many managed-care providers require patients to seel pre-authorization of a referral; patients should consult their health-care plans. If you have questions about the program or clinical services, call the Regional Epilepsy Center at 800.EPI.DOCS (800.374.3627).

Referrals to the Regional Epilepsy Center

We provide services for referred patients in these circumstances:

  • Outpatient evaluations of seizures or episodic disturbance of neurological function
  • Direct referrals for inpatient admission for long-term video electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring of patients with frequent, uncontrolled seizures or possible seizures, to establish diagnosis or to determine candidacy for neurosurgical treatment
  • Urgent inpatient transfers: We make every attempt to accommodate transfers of patients who require hospital-to-hospital transfers for EEG monitoring, subject to bed availability. This can be arranged by calling the Transfer Center at 206.744.3597.
  • Outpatient neuropsychological testing
  • Outpatient routine EEG or evoked-potential testing
  • Autonomic function testing is available at our UW Medical Center lab; call 206.598.4211.

Review of Outside Studies

  • Consultation on Routine EEGs: Our electroencephalographers will review outside studies with unusual or unclear findings.
  • Consultation on long-term video EEG-monitoring studies: We welcome collaboration with other epilepsy centers. We analyze EEG-monitoring studies, MRIs and data from other tests performed elsewhere. We meet as a group to discuss each patient and to generate treatment recommendations, which are communicated to the referring physician or patient. This service typically takes several weeks to complete, and is performed when noninvasive monitoring is performed at another facility, but with consideration given to sending the patient to the Regional Epilepsy Center for additional testing. Such tests might involve dense array EEG monitoring, ictal SPECT, invasive monitoring and neurosurgical treatment.

Informal Consultations

  • We welcome informal consultations, which are available with the epilepsy neurologist on call. To arrange an informal consultation, call the Regional Epilepsy Center at 206.744.3576.

How to Refer

  • Referrals can be arranged by calling the Regional Epilepsy Center at 206.744.3576. We require a written request for consultation. Print the UW Medicine Request Form (PDF).

We ask physicians and patients to provide as much of the following information as possible in the referral

  • Initial/latest clinic evaluation with history and physical
  • Current list of medications with dosages
  • Last four or five clinic notes – any information concerning the reason for referring the patient for evaluation
  • Reports on EEG tests performed
  • CDs of any head MRIs and/or location of MRIs
  • Any recent, relevant lab work
  • Insurance information
  • Patient data (contact information, date of birth, mailing address). If someone schedules the patient’s time, please provide his/her contact information, as well.
  • Referring-provider contact info (phone, fax, mailing address)
  • Referring provider national provider identifier (NPI)

Information can be faxed to 206.744.4409 or mailed to:

Harborview Medical Center
Regional Epilepsy Center
Attn: Scheduling – Box 359745
325 Ninth Ave.
Seattle, WA 98104

If you have any questions please call 206.744.3576.