Prosthetic Heart Valve Consult Clinic

Dr.-Danny-Dvir-Cath-Lab-RHC-UWMC_33.jpgThe UW Medicine Prosthetic Heart Valve Program is the only clinic in the Pacific Northwest and one of very few programs in the world dedicated to comprehensive assessment of patients with previously implanted artificial valves and rings. The Prosthetic Heart Valve Consult Clinic brings together clinicians from many disciplines to provide the best care to patients, promoting the excellence that UW Medicine is known for. Our physician team includes interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons expert in the treatment of failed prosthetic valves and world leaders in echocardiographic assessment of artificial heart valves.

At the Prosthetic Heart Valve Consult Clinic, we provide the most comprehensive care and partner closely with the patient and referring providers to achieve our treatment goals. Our multidisciplinary team works together collaboratively—providing a coordinated approach to diagnosis, consultation and treatment. We encourage starting the discussion about treatment options for patients with degenerated prosthetic heart valves early in the disease process. Based on the patient’s current condition and history, many treatment options and strategies may be offered, from medical to catheter-based therapies to referral for surgical treatment.

Dr_Dvir_Prosthetic_Valves.jpgIn cases where we believe the implanted valve is failing, we offer state-of-the-art safe and effective treatments. UW Medical Center is one of the busiest centers in the region in minimally-invasive treatment of aortic valves (TAVR), valve-in-valve therapy of failed surgically-inserted prosthetic valve and perivalvular leakage closure.

Download Prosthetic Heart Valve Consult Clinic fact sheet for referring providers (PDF).

To refer a patient or speak with any of the Prosthetic Heart Valve Consult Clinic physicians, call 206.598.VALV (8258) or fax to 206-598-3037. If you have any other questions or need further information, you may also contact the Physician Liaison at or 206.598.3473.