2.1 Immunizations


Documentation of immunization compliance is required of all medical students prior to matriculation. All medical students must maintain compliance with these requirements throughout their tenure in the medical school program, even while in a non-clinical segment of the curriculum. If reported as non-compliant, the student will not be allowed to train in patient care settings.

The Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP), tracks and reports compliance with requirements through a third-party vendor, CastleBranch. Medical students pay a one-time account set-up fee to CastleBranch and an annual health fee that covers​ HSIP’s services. The health fee covers the cost of testing and initial prophylaxis ​should students experience an exposure to blood and/or body fluids in the course of their medical education program. 

What to do in case of a needle​st​ick?

If you need to access your Immunization Summary report please refer to point 1 in the How to access your compliance documents (PDF) document.

Medical students will not be allowed to begin or continue patient contact unless they can show documentation of compliance with all requirements. Compliance is determined by CastleBranch reviewers and HSIP, based on students having submitted acceptable documentation. In situations where a specific vaccination is medically contraindicated, the student's own healthcare provider must issue the appropriate documentation that is then submitted to HSIP.

Flu shots are annual requirements. Students must submit their documents to HSIP via their CastleBranch account.

While the UW SOM does not require annual TB testing, many clerkship sites still do. Please check your TB expiration before requesting a signed credentialing form. You can email HSIP at myshots@uw.edu to have your TB requirement opened up so you may submit a new TB test. We cannot verify your credentialing until your TB test has been accepted and approved in CastleBranch.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please visit the HSIP website at: https://www.ehs.washington.edu/workplace/health-sciences-immunization-program-hsip. You can also contact them by phone at 206.616.9074 (VM) or by email at myshots@uw.edu.

If you plan an international ​educational experience, you must check with the Travel Clinic at Husky Health Center Primary Care Center (the student health center on campus) to determine what immunizations are needed. If your annual TB screening expiration date occurs while traveling, the TB screening must be completed prior to departure in order for the student to remain in good standing.

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