3.3 Data Stewardship Training & PCISA form

Background and instructions

UW Medicine has a required training for all medical students to learn about how to properly safeguard confidential information and comply with standards for personal accountability for data stewardship. After viewing the slideshow, review, sign and return a new Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security (PCISA) form to Laura Ellis at somcompl@uw.edu.

Entering first year students will watch a recorded presentation on data stewardship during their first week of classes. MS2, MS3, and MS4 students will complete the requirement annually, in the fall.

Please complete the following in order to meet the UW Medicine data stewardship requirements*:

  1. Reviewing the training
    Review the slideshow on data stewardship. If you have follow-up questions on how to encrypt your devices, please refer to the following UW Medicine ITS Security webpage.
  2. Completing the form
    Once done viewing the slides, complete the PCISA FORM. Please see below example for how to complete the form (second page of form):

Row 1: Please include your student ID number after you enter your name.
Row 2: Please enter SOM and Medical student as above for the two fields.
Row 3: Please enter your original signature and the date as above for the two fields.
Row 4: Do not complete.

  • We can only accept original signatures—please do NOT email, fax or mail forms with typewritten signatures.
  • Do NOT send photos of the document.
  1. Uploading to CastleBranch

    Once signed upload both pages of the form to CastleBranch (CB) following the below instructions:
    • Look for the “upload file” button under your “To Do List” on your MyCB account [mycb.castlebranch.com] after you have received your 3-week reminder from CB. Your CB renewal date should match your compliance deadline. If you need to upload a document sooner than 3 weeks in advance of your renewal date or CB is not correctly reporting your renewal date, please contact us at somcompl@uw.edu
  2. Monitoring for issues with your CastleBranch submission

    Once you upload your document, please make sure to check that the upload is successful and the document passes review. Some common issues are:
    • Incorrect upload: If you upload the file to your “My Documents” it will NOT be visible to CB reviewers.
    • File size: CB has a max file size per upload of 5MB, anything larger cannot be uploaded.
    • Rejections: After uploading your document make sure to monitor your MyCB account in case your document is rejected. If the document is approved, the requirement status will show as “complete”.
    • Connectivity and load times: If you experience problems and are on hold with CB for longer than 5 minutes, please email us at somcompl@uw.edu.

* First year medical students need to complete the training by the compliance deadline (Entering First Year Compliance Checklist).