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UW Medicine Policy on Professional Conduct

UW School of Medicine Diversity Policy

M.D. Program

M.D. Program Handbook (PDF) — The M.D. Program Handbook is a resource for medical students, faculty and staff, and includes information on policies, topics and issues that are relevant to the University of Washington School of Medicine medical education program.

Academic Policies for the M.D. Degree  — Academic Policies for the M.D. Degree is an updated and revised compilation of the relevant policies for the UWSOM’s undergraduate medical education program leading to the awarding of the Doctor of Medicine degree.

Academic Progress — Academic progress is governed by the Student Progress Committee within the UWSOM.

UW School of Medicine Student Mistreatment Policy

The UWSOM is committed to assuring a safe and supportive learning environment that reflects the institution’s values: excellence, respect, integrity, compassion, altruism and accountability in all endeavors. Diversity of ideas, perspectives and experiences is integral to our mission. All individuals in our UWSOM community are responsible for creating a welcoming and respectful environment where every person is valued and honored. Mistreatment of students by the faculty, staff and peers at UWSOM is prohibited. This mistreatment includes incidents of humiliation; harassment or discrimination based on gender identity, sexual orientation, age; and the use of grading or other forms of assessment in a punitive manner.

Expectations of teachers and learners are described more fully in the Policy on Professional Conduct.

Reviewed and approved by the Faculty Council on Academic Affairs, April 13, 2017
Approved by Suzanne M. Allen, M.D., M.P.H., Vice Dean for Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs, April 13, 2017

How to Report Student Mistreatment

UW School of Medicine Curriculum Governance Policy

UW School of Medicine Foundations Phase Attendance and Absentee Policy (effective September 2018)

UW School of Medicine Clinical Clerkship Absentee Policy (effective July 1, 2017)

UW School of Medicine Narrative Assessment Policy

Policy on Supervision of Medical Students in Clinical Settings

Compliance and immunizations

The UWSOM requires students to complete several trainings, certifications and immunizations in order to participate in the educational program.

Refer to the M.D. Program Handbook (PDF) section on "prerequisites for participation in your medical school program."

Compliance Protocol Overview (PDF)

How to access your compliance documents.

Some of the requirements include:

Compliance vodcasts

Compliance Overview - 7 minutes

Blood and Body Fluid Exposure Protocol - 7 minutes

How to access your compliance documents

  1. Immunizations Summary:
    1. Log in to your CastleBranch account at: https://portal.castlebranch.com/
    2. Go to Document Center on the side bar
    3. Select “Clinical Requirements”
    4. Select “Results” by scrolling through the list of documents. The document has a long list of numbers following the word “Results”, i.e. results3428574629393958638
    5. Click the “Need Help” button if you can’t find it. Select the Video FAQ titled “Compliance Summary Report”.
  2. Criminal Background Check (CBC), BLS card, HIPAA Certificate, Universal Precautions Certificate, PCISA Form, Mask Fit Testing Certificate, next PPD or TBSS due date, next flu shot due date, drug test report (if required by a site):
    1. Log in to E*Value with your UW Net ID at http://www.uwmedicine.org/education/md-program/current-students/technology/e-value
    2. Select the “UWA, School of Medicine” program
    3. Select “Home” and then in the sub-menu select “Other tasks”
    4. Select "Personal Records Requirements”
  3. If you need a form signed by a "school official", or a "Letter of Good Standing" and proof of malpractice insurance, or help with VSAS please contact the Registration Team at somreg@uw.edu.

For all other questions about SOM compliance requirements please contact Laura Ellis or somcompl@uw.edu.