WWAMI PRO Honorees

WWAMI PRO Awards Honor Professionalism

WWAMI Pro is a medical student-driven recognition program, created to empower students to honor professionalism in the University of Washington (UW) School of Medicine community. UW medical students can recognize any individual who contributes to a positive, respectful, and supportive learning environment. The WWAMI Pro Awards program is administered by the Committee for Continuous Professionalism Improvement (CPI).

The UW School of Medicine is committed to the promotion of professionalism throughout our community. To support this, the CPI was created in 2007. It is charged with overseeing and promoting professionalism throughout the medical school and at all teaching sites.

WWAMI Pro recognitions are announced at least once per year. Current medical students can submit nominations online here. To learn more about the CPI, please visit the CPI website. Please follow this link for a list of all WWAMI Pro Honorees to date.

WWAMI Pro Honorees, May 2023 - March 2024

Dr. Justin Bullock, Seattle

Dr. Joel Carey, Kent

Dr. Arta Gharib Parsa, Seattle

Dr. Megan Gillum, Seattle

Dr. Alexander Hoffmann, Seattle

Dr. Jill Johnsen, Seattle

Dr. Ashley Lynes, Seattle

Dr. Colin Malaska, Seattle

Dr. Timothy Miller, Seattle

Dr. Roberto Montenegro, Seattle

Dr. Michael Mulligan, Seattle

My Linh Nguyen, WWAMI Programs Coordinator, Seattle

Dr. Doug Paauw, Seattle

Dr. Ashwini Pandit, Seattle

Dr. Catrin Pittack, Seattle

Ellen Tan, Assistant Registrar, Seattle

Dr. Marie Vrablik, Seattle

Dr. Thomas Bassler, Spokane

Dr. Janelle Clauser, Spokane

Patrick Hewes, Medical Student, Spokane

Dr. Tim O'Connor, Walla Walla

Dr. Michael Stephens, Spokane

Natalia Brown, Program & Business Services Mgr, Laramie

Dr. Cam Walker, Laramie

Dr. KayCee Gardner, Miles City, MT

Kennan Hooker, Medical Student, Bozeman *(2)

Michaela O'Donoghue, Medical Student, Bozeman

Dr. Anne Thomas, Bozeman

Zahraa Alomar, Medical Student, Moscow

Dr. Rusty Baker, Moscow

Dr. Tyler Bland, Moscow

Kathryn Craig, Medical Student, Moscow

Audrey Dingel, Medical Student, Moscow

Dr. John Hatzenbuehler, Hailey

Grant Jacobsen, Medical Student, Moscow

Chey Malmin, Medical Student, Moscow

Allie McCurry, Medical Student, Moscow

Sara Meotti, Medical Student, Moscow *(5)

Cameron Skaggs, Medical Student, Moscow

Kathryn Tiger, Medical Student, Moscow

*Denotes the number of awards the honoree received for this recognition period.