UW Medical Center Observations

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Observable medical staff at UW Medical Center include: physicians, dentists, psychologists, A.R.N.P.s, P.A.s, R.N.s, C.R.N.A.s, microbiologists and other Ph.D.-level laboratory personnel, optometrists, pharmacists, social workers, and podiatrists.

Clinical observation is mandated by UW Medicine Compliance and applies to observational activity only. No patient care or hands-on medical training will be conducted. Observers will not perform any medical procedures on patients. They will not have direct contact or unsupervised access to patients. There will be no compensation provided by the medical administration. The observer or sponsoring provider/department is responsible for arranging visas, travel and accommodations.

Please be advised:

  • Persons under the age of 16 cannot apply for observation privileges per UWMC regulations.
  • Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed in operating rooms per UWMC regulations.

Finding a provider to observe

Those Residents/Fellows seeking local and elective rotations should refer to the process listed on the GME website.

It is the observer's responsibility to identify a provider to host them before submitting an application. If a provider has not been identified prior to the decision to observe, the observer may contact the department in the area of interest to discuss setting up an observational experience. Please note neither the Medical Director's Office nor the Chief Nursing Officer's office will assist in matching prospective observers with providers.


Observers are required to comply with all UW Medical Center immunization policies and procedures. Applications with incomplete immunization documentation will not be approved. Self-reported vaccine history will not be accepted, it must be official documentation from a healthcare provider/facility.

Please contact UW Medical Center Employee Health directly if you have any questions regarding immunization, 206.598.4848.

How to submit your application:

UW Medical Center — MD/Medical Staff Observations

  • Submit applications for Montlake or Northwest observations to observer@uw.edu

UW Medical Center — RN/other patient care services staff observations:

  • Montlake RN/other patient care services staff member observations, submit application to: obsvrn@uw.edu 
  • Northwest RN/other patient care services staff member observations, submit application to: nwobsvrn@uw.edu

UW Medical Center Ambulatory Services:


  • UW Medical Center has contracted with Green Security Services for vendor credentialing. All vendors requiring access to UW Medical Center must be registered and obtain a badge from Green Security. Registration Link: https://grn.ac/uw-vendors

Harborview Medical Center:

If you have questions or need further information:

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