HMC Observation Privileges

Please read the following information carefully to ensure your application is complete:

Observation privileges should be requested for visiting medical personnel who wish to observe medical staff in clinical or research settings. No patient care or hands-on medical training will be conducted. There will be no compensation provided by Harborview Medical Center (HMC). The observer or sponsoring provider/department is responsible for arranging visas, travel and/or accommodations.

It is the observer's responsibility to identify a medical staff host. Observational privileges will not be granted without the agreement of an HMC provider to take full responsibility for the observer's time on campus.

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How to apply

  1. Complete all areas in the “Observer Information” section. Forms without the applicant’s signature will not be reviewed or approved.
  2. Page 3 must be completed by the supervising physician. He or she must clearly indicate if the observer will be in his or her presence at all times while at HMC.
    •  If the observer is shadowing multiple providers within the same department/unit, please write the additional names next to item “B” in the “Supervising Medical Staff Attestation” section.
    • For medical professional: Observation periods longer than 30 calendar days require the approval of a department’s chief of service
    • For pre-med or undergraduate students: Observation periods longer than 3 calendar days require the approval of a Department’s Chief of Service.
  3. Observer must complete all areas of the Immunization and Health History Intake Form.
    • Applicants do not need to fill information about a specific immunization if a copy of their records is attached.
    • Forms without information or documentation of the applicant’s most recent influenza vaccine or TB screening (PPD) will not be reviewed. The PPD must have been placed within one year prior to start of the observation period.
    • Contact HMC Employee Health if you have specific questions: (206) 744-3081
  4. Scan and email or fax the completed form to the Medical Director’s Office at / (fax) 206.744.4422.
    • Please allow up to two weeks for processing.

After approval

A copy of the completed application must be retained by both the observer and the department of the supervising physician.  A temporary badge must be obtained and worn visibly at all times while on the HMC campus. Temporary badges are distributed through the Harborview Public Safety Office, located on the 8th floor (8CT-69). The temp badge will grant observational privileges at HMC only, not any other UW Medicine entity.