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Residence Certification

AMCAS legal state of residence


To be considered as a WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho) applicant, your legal state of residence in AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) must be listed as Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana or Idaho. (Applicants interested in the Wyoming cohort may have another legal state of residence listed, but must be verified by the Wyoming residency certification office to be considered for admission into that cohort.)

If your AMCAS legal residence is not one of the WWAMI states, you will be considered as an out-of-region applicant. Out-of-region applications undergo additional screening processes and will only be considered for admission into the M.D. program if they have an exceptional record of service and/or come from a disadvantaged background.

Video: How does State Residency Affect my Application?

Applicants from each of the WWAMI states will be considered for admission into their state’s cohort. For example, applicants with Idaho listed as their legal state of residence are automatically considered for the Idaho cohort and, if invited, will interview in Idaho for one of their seats. Applicants from out-of-region will be considered for the Seattle cohort.

Please note that the University of Washington School of Medicine Office of Admissions manages applications based on legal state of residence, not on applicants’ current or permanent addresses. While we appreciate that applicants with legal residence outside of the WWAMI region may have ties here and/or are interested in practicing here, we do not take this into consideration during the screening or review processes.

If you are asked to verify your legal residence, you may need to submit the following documents that could include but are not limited to:

  • Proof of employment
  • Driver's license/state ID
  • Vehicle registration
  • Voter registration
  • Proof of an established bank account
  • Verification from the out-of-state college or university where you were enrolled as a nonresident and paid nonresident tuition. (If you were enrolled in a private school, provide verification of enrollment.)
  • A true and correct copy of your state and federal income tax return for the calendar year immediately prior to the year in which this application is made. If you did not file a state or federal income tax return because of minimal or no taxable income, documented information concerning the receipt of such nontaxable income must be submitted
  • A true and correct copy of your W2 form filed for the previous calendar year
  • Other documented financial resources. Such other resources may include but are not limited to: the sale of personal or real property, trust fund, state or financial assistance, gifts, or earnings of the spouse of a married student.

These documents should be on hand and ready to submit to the Residency Classification Office upon request. Washington residents will be asked to complete a questionnaire about their residence history prior to being invited to complete the secondary application; all other applicants will answer residence history questions as part of their secondary application.

The Admissions office has created two brief videos that are essential viewing for Washington applicants submitting residency documents. Please watch these before submitting documentation:

Video: WA State Residency Verification Best Practices

Video: WA State Residency Financial Dependence Vs. Independence

If you have applied as a WWAMI applicant but are denied residency by your state’s residency certification process, email the UWSOM Office of Admissions and you will be considered as an out-of-region applicant.

The UWSOM Office of Admissions is not responsible for certifying state residency. Washington, WyomingAlaskaMontana and Idaho applicants should refer to the appropriate residency classification office for the most accurate and current information. 

If you are a resident of Wyoming, Alaska, Montana or Idaho, you are required to provide certification of legal residence. Certifications from past applications are not valid for the current year.

Washington residents should be prepared to prove their residence status at any time. If you are uncertain of your Washington residence status, visit the Residency Classification Office website. Their office is very busy so if you have questions, it's best to email them.

Once submitted, your materials will be processed by your state's certifying officer and sent to our admissions office. Please do not send residency materials to the University of Washington admissions office. Be aware that each state has different deadlines for these materials, some as early as beginning of October.

Please note: The states WyomingAlaska and Montana have payback requirements in exchange for a lower cost of tuition. Please review your state's specific policies regarding this.