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Admissions Decision

Rolling admissions overview

Decisions on applications are made at Executive Committee (EXCOM) meetings, which occur between October and March. At these meetings some applicants are accepted, some are identified as "continuing consideration" and some are rejected. Applicants may be "continuing consideration" because the Executive Committee member representing them was not able to make a particular meeting, or because the committee wanted to see additional applications before making a final decision. Those applicants may be discussed at a subsequent meeting or may continue to be considered until the final EXCOM meetings in March.

Being identified as “continuing consideration” is not the same as being on the alternate list. Acceptances or rejections can occur at any time for the “continuing consideration” group up until the final Executive Committee meeting for the applicant’s state.

Final decision

Letters of acceptance or rejection are emailed out after each EXCOM meeting. Applicants who are identified as "continuing consideration" will be notified at the time they are put into that status and then again monthly to let them know they are still being considered. We will keep you informed of your status and contact you as soon as there is an action on your application.

Sometime between March 10 and March 31, the Executive Committee meets for two or three days to make final decisions on those Washington and out-of-region applicants who are still “under consideration”. Final acceptances and rejections are made, and the Washington/out-of-region alternate list is constructed at this time.

Spokane, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho final decisions are made on the day after interviews are completed for that region or state.

All final decisions are sent by email, so be sure to manage your email account carefully. Applicants wishing to appeal their decision may email the Office of Admissions to request a review.

The UW School of Medicine does not have an early decision program. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis starting in late October. Every attempt will be made to notify applicants of final determinations by the end of March. As students withdraw, additional students are accepted from the ranked (in the case of Montana, unranked) alternate lists established for each state. Applicants are informed of their acceptance by email and are instructed to access a website where they are given instructions.

Choose Your Medical School Tool

The AAMC American Medical College Application Service created the Choose Your Medical School Tool to help applicants communicate their decisions about which schools they plan to attend and help medical schools around the country with the formation of their medical student class.

Applicants are still expected to communicate directly with the Admissions Office regarding any changes to their decision. If you decide to "Commit to Enroll " at the UWSOM or at another medical school, please email the Admissions Office and/or update your status on the application portal. Below is a timeline for UWSOM applicants:

Choose Your Medical School Timeline for UWSOM Accepted Applicants:

  • February 19: You can now select "Plan to Enroll " in the AMCAS Application.
  • April 15: If you are accepted at more than one medical school, you must narrow your selections down to three programs.
  • April 30: If you are holding more than one acceptance, you must narrow your selection down to one program. If you have made a final decision, you can now select "Commit to Enroll " in the AMCAS Application and withdraw your application from all other programs. UWSOM applicants MUST select either "Commit to Enroll", "Plan to Enroll ", or withdraw their application at the University of Washington. If you remain an alternate at another medical school, you must indicate "Plan to Enroll."
  • May 22: Applicants accepted to our MSTP program MUST select "Commit to Enroll" at the University of Washington in the AMCAS Application and withdraw your application from all other programs.
  • July 12: Applicants accepted to our program MUST select "Commit to Enroll " at the University of Washington in the AMCAS Application and withdraw your application from all other programs. If you do not report your decision by this date, it will be interpreted as a withdrawal of your application.

To ensure that all medical schools will have a complete student class, the UWSOM will not accept/enroll any applicant who chooses to "Commit to Enroll " at another institution. Alternates that have "Commit to Enroll " at another institution will not be accepted. Offers of admission will still be made to applicants that "Plan to Enroll " at another program.

If you have any questions about the policy, please contact the Admissions Office.


Re-applying to the program

Admissions Forum Sessions are held in Spring/Summer. Applicants who were not accepted are invited to attend these sessions, led by Dr. LeeAnna Muzquiz, Associate Dean of Admissions, to learn how to strengthen their candidacy for re-application. We recommend viewing the past recorded Admissions Forum videos if you did not attend. The sessions are open to re-applicants and prospective applicants.

Please note that applicants can apply no more than three times.


Deferral Policy: Matriculation deferrals are considered for unexpected and extraordinary circumstances. Matriculation will be deferred for one year, and deferred applicants are obligated to enter the UWSOM the following year. Contact the UWSOM Office of Admissions to request a deferral. Deadline to request a deferral is June 1 of the matriculation year. An exception to this deadline may be made for medically related deferral requests.