Limited Funding Opportunities

​​​​​Limited funding opportunities are grant funding opportunities that limit the number of applications each institution or school may submit. For example, a grant opportunity is limited if the grant announcement states that each institution may only submit two applications.

Your proposal will not go forward to the sponsor if you have not received internal approval.

The Grants Review Unit, in partnership with the UW Office of Research, coordinates limited opportunities open to School of Medicine faculty. All PIs intending to submit a proposal to a limited opportunity must participate in the UW internal selection process in order to be considered.

What steps are required if I want to submit to a limited opportunity?

  1. If you notice that the grant to which you hope to apply is a limited opportunity, please first visit the Limited Submission Opportunities page to see if an internal review process has been established.
  2. If the grant opportunity is not listed, contact the Grants Review Unit Limited Opportunities Coordinator.
  3. Note: If your proposal is selected to move forward to the sponsor, you are required to attach a letter or e-mail from the Office of Research or the School of Medicine Limited Opportunities Coordinator in your grant application.