UW Medicine at South Lake Union

Researchers at UW Medicine's continually expanding biotechnology and medical research hub in the South Lake Union (SLU) neighborhood of Seattle are working to develop life-changing therapies and medical breakthroughs. The SLU site includes five lab buildings, including the Rosen and Brotman Buildings, and an administration building that houses computational lab space and meeting venues.

In late summer 2016 construction begins on an 8 story clinic and research building which will house retina and diabetes clinics, 5 floors of basic science and related clinical research labs, a 150 seat auditorium and a UW Neighborhood Clinic providing primary care services.

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Supporting Biomedical Research

Now housing over 1,200 scientists and support staff, the SLU complex is cutting-edge in researching areas that include:

These areas are supported by biomedical research centers that cross organizational and disciplinary lines. All centers and institutes are examples of a new paradigm in biomedical research; collaborating together to solve particular problems.

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The SLU complex offers many core services, lab equipment, and resources to researchers. »

"South Lake Union is key to UW Medicine's ability to lead a significant portion of the nation's biomedical research enterprise well into the 21st Century," says Dr. Paul Ramsey, CEO of UW Medicine, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine. "The opportunities for research collaboration across organizational and disciplinary lines are already enormous here, and the future holds much promise for UW Medicine to develop new interdisciplinary initiatives."

Various resources within the site support these research efforts and include high-end imaging and analysis facilities. Guidance in the translation of ideas from research to clinical adoption is provided by an innovative Institute of Translational Health Sciences.

Academic Departments and Programs

For a complete list of UW Medicine's School of Medicine academic departments and programs, please see the School of Medicine website.

Environmentally Responsible Award-Winning Design

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Green design is a hallmark of UW Medicine's South Lake Union campus, a recipient of the American Institute of Architects Washington Council Civic Design Award. The SLU complex is described as a sustainable, eco-friendly facility that provides a healthier environment for employees.

The buildings include sustainable, high-performance features such as a highly efficient chilled beam radiant cooling system, significant natural day-lighting supplemented by automated lighting control systems in laboratory areas, and exterior sun shades that limit solar gain, further reducing energy use. Sustainably harvested wood decking and low water use vegetation complete the design.