Clinical Research

​​​​​​​​​​​The Office of Research and Graduate Education part​ners with physician researchers, numerous service groups, compliance officers, and hospital administrators to ensure the ethical, efficient, and reliable conduct of clinical research. 

UW Medicine administrative and compliance offices such as Regulatory Guidance and Clinical Resear​ch Budg​et and Billing (CRBB)​ provide policies and services that support the clinical research and trials at UW Medicine.

Resources and programs offered through The Institute of Translational Health Sciences​ are available that support the training and development of clinical researchers.

​Clinical Research Training and Development

Faculty online clinical trials policy training is provided to ensure all UW Medicine faculty have a uniform knowledge about the regulations governing clinical research and understand the internal processes used to maintain billing compliance.

The Clinical Trials Policy (CTP) affects UW Medicine studies at the following three key points: study startup, subject enrollment, and charge capture for study-related costs. This course gives essential information to faculty involved with research budgeting, consenting subjects, using hospital/UW Physicians space or billing systems. It specifically addresses the following:

  • Billing rules established by Medicare and other third party payers, related to research
  • Coding guidelines and other safeguards established at UW Medicine to ensure proper billing
  • Documenting an ORCA Care Plan for your study participants
  • Using ORCA to document services 

Clinical Research Staff (CRS) Training

CRS training is a UW Medicine comprehensive training program for research study coordinators, research nurses and other staff with responsibilities in the clinical research arena. CRS Training is mandatory for all staff with job responsibilities related to clinical research involving human subjects. 

The goals of this program are: 

  • To establish a shared foundation of knowledge and understanding about the clinical research enterprise at UW Medicine 
  • To build and strengthen the community of UW Medicine research faculty and staff through interaction, educational outreach, and support 
  • To ensure clinical research is administered in a compliant and consistent manner at UW Medicine, offering the best possible protections to our patient participants, to the scientific principles under investigation, and to the University at large 

Other Training

Resources for Clinical Research Teams​ provides further information on the many resources available to faculty researchers and their teams.​