Bioscience Career Seminar Series

Bioscience Careers Seminar series is an interdepartmental endeavor offering graduate students and post-docs an opportunity to learn more about alternative careers in biological and biomedical sciences. This student initiated and organized seminar series hosts monthly speakers from various fields across the biosciences that have chosen paths outside of academia.

Directed by graduate students, the Bioscience Careers Seminar series began the fall quarter of 2000 to ex​pand awareness of the roles played by scientists in society.  Topics have included: Careers in Research for the Developing World; The Real X Files; Careers in Science Policy; Careers as a Venture Capitalist; Careers in Publishing; Careers at Think Tanks and Careers in Global Health.

Invited speakers share their career experience and advise students about what career options lead to jobs in their field, salary expectations, competitiveness and demand for their work.  The seminars are informal and open to all students and post-docs. The last 30 minutes is dedicated to a Q&A session. The seminar closes with a brief reception and refreshments allowing the speaker to interact one-on-one with interested students. 

Visit Bioscience Careers for more information about upcoming lectures or to view previous lectures.​