Research Community and Events

UW Medicine sponsors free lectures, seminars and workshops to support and enhance the research education and research community within the region. 

Science in Medicine

The Science in Medicine lecture series was officially established in 1976 as a means of recognizing and honoring notable School of Medicine faculty researcher achievements. The Science in Medicine lectures also provides an opportunity for researchers to be apprised of findings outside of their immediate fields.

Science in Medicine presenters are nominated by members of the UW scientific community and final selection is determined by a committee of peers from the Council on Research and Graduate Education. Learn more about the Science in Medicine lecture series

Inventor of the Year

The Inventor of the Year program recognizes and celebrates the innovations and scientific contributions of UW Medicine faculty whose innovations in their field have dramatically improved worldwide health care and the local economy.  This event gives the community the opportunity to publically honor and celebrate the work of these outstanding researchers and inventors. Learn more about the Inventor of the Year.

SLU Collaborative Seminar Series

The SLU Collaborative - a partnership between UW Medicine, Allen Institute, and Fred Hutch - hosts a quarterly seminar series with the goal to provide a forum to foster networking and idea-sharing to promote greater synergy among the research and tech partners in the SLU neighborhood. The seminars are intended to be a starting point for collaborations that will utilize the resources of our scientific neighbors to drive exciting research. Learn more about upcoming and past seminar topics here​.

Research Administration Peer Resource Group

The Research Administration Peer Resource Group is a network managed by the School of Medicine to support research administrators and others within the School who are involved in pre-award and post-award management. The network discuss topics, provides information, and offers peer resources that are relevant to School of Medicine research administration.
Although the topics covered by the peer network focus on the issues and needs of School of Medicine research administration, others from the UW research community are welcome to participate in the network discussions. Visit the Research Administration Peer Resource Group website for additional information, resources, and discussion forums. Subscribe to the Research Administration Peer Resource Group mailing list to stay informed of meeting topics and locations.

​Science Education Opportunities

Learning and discovery are at the heart of what UW Medicine is all about. Our programs reach beyond graduate degree programs, to help find and prepare the next generation of researchers. The following pages describes some of the programs available at the University of Washington for younger students, and the teachers who are our partners in education.