Wi-Fi Access for Patients and Visitors

​Harborview and University of Washington Medical Centers are pleased to make free Wi-Fi access available to our patients and their visitors in all areas where we have wireless coverage.

Connecting to the Wi-Fi Network

  • Use your wireless utility to search for the Wi-Fi network called "Patients and Visitors."
  • Open your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and connect to any page.
  • You should be redirected to our page with the Terms and Conditions of use.
  • No username or password is required.
  • If you are prompted for a password you are connecting to the wrong network.
  • The "University of Washington" network is for faculty, staff, residents and students with a UW NetID.

Patients and Visitors Wi-Fi Network

Other Options for Internet Access

Harborview Medical Center

There is a computer with high speed internet access at the Patient and Family Resources Center. It is located on the ground floor of the East Hospital wing near the outpatient pharmacy and gift shop.

Harborview Patient Family Resource Center  

UW Medical Center

There is a self serve internet kiosk in the main lobby near the UWMC Patient Education Center.

Internet kiosk

Please note: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individualized support for patients' and visitors' personal computers. Please consult the instructions that came with your device for more information.

System is not secure 

This system is not secure

Do not send sensitive or confidential information using this system. To send sensitive information, use a wired connection.

Use network responsibly

Use the network responsibly

We reserve the right to limit access due to unauthorized use.

Use network at your own risk

Use at your own risk

We assume no responsibility and are not liable for any damages due to use of this system.

Full Terms and Conditions

The system, unlike the system used by our doctors, nurses and other staff, is not secure. Please do not use this system to conduct confidential business transactions or transmit sensitive data such as health information, social security numbers, credit card information, etc. If you need to enter sensitive or confidential information over the internet we recommend that you use your own computer and connect directly to the internet using a wire, rather than this unprotected Wi-Fi network.

The system has limited performance. You share this Wi-Fi network with the doctors, nurses and other staff in our hospital. It is necessary for us to limit the amount of data that can be transferred so that it does not impair the ability of our staff to care for our patients. We have information on options for better performance.

We reserve the right to limit access to any and all users. This is particularly true for individuals who are not patients or their acknowledged guests, those who abuse the system or interfere with use by others, and anyone who uses the system for unlawful activities. This system may not be used for any unlawful purpose which may include but is not limited to posting any materials which are: copyrighted, judged obscene, threatening or abusive, harmful to any minor, or protected by law or contract. The system may also not be used for unauthorized advertising. Also, there may be times when the system may be unavailable to everyone for maintenance or updates.

Use of the system is at your own risk. We assume no responsibility and are not liable for any damages due to lost connections, errors, viruses, malicious software, other individuals monitoring your use of the system, or any other reasons. We recommend you keep all computers up to date with the latest security patches, and install anti-virus and malicious software protection and be very cautious.

If these terms are not acceptable to you, do not use this system.​