Health Information Resource Center at UW Medical Center

The Health Information Resource Center at University of Washington Medical Center provides high quality, individualized health information to patients, families, staff and community members. The center provides information to help users make their best choices about health and actively participate in their own health care. The center has four computer stations and a business center (fax, scanner, printer, and phone)  for patients and families.

​​The center is staffed to help users find health information about:

  • Diseases and conditions
  • Tests and medications
  • Support groups and classes
  • Community health resources
  • Transportation and housing
  • Services available at UW Medical Center
  • Health promotion

If you need health information that you cannot find using the resources above, please email

The Health Information Resource Center is located on the third floor next to the gift shop in the main lobby of the medical center.

Monday through Friday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.



Download our booklet of summarized services for patients and families.

This resource describes many of the services and facilities that patients and families may use while at UW Medical Center. It also lists and defines some terms that you may hear during your stay.