COVID-19 Vaccine Update: 

We are scheduling Pfizer and Moderna appointments for all patients (16+ for Pfizer and 18+ for Moderna). Due to high demand, there are longer wait times for vaccine appointments. Thank you for your patience. For more information, please visit our vaccine page or our FAQ about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause.


All Charge Description Master (CDM) Codes

Harborview Medical Center

UW Medical Center

Charge Description Master (CDM) Codes highlight the charge for key procedures. To take it a step further, we calculated your costs if you are eligible for a discount. There are two discount options available if you are uninsured or receiving services not covered by your current insurance plan.

  1. If paying pre-service, you receive the prompt pay discount which includes the 30% plus an additional 10% discount to maximize your savings.
  2. If paying post service, you will receive a 30% discount to reduce your costs.

Learn more about our discount options to see if you are eligible.