What is eCare?

​​​​​UW Medicine eCare is a free, secure and convenient way to access your health information online any time you need it. You can use UW Medicine eCare to see, manage and receive the health records from your clinic visits or hospital stays anywhere in the UW Medicine health system, including Harborview Medical Center, Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, UW Medical Center, Valley Medical Center, the UW Neighborhood Clinics and other UW Medicine-affiliated clinics.

UW Medicine eCare allows you to view many different types of personal health information in your inpatient or outpatient medical records. This information may include:

  • Current medicines
  • Allergies​
  • Immunizations (vaccines)
  • Medical history
  • Test results
  • Details of your previous clinic visits
  • Hospital discharge instructions
  • ​Questionnaires​

Your personal health information is private and secure. Only you can see your records unless you give another person permission to see them.

Setting Up Your Online Accounts

If you want to sign up to see records from your hospital stays (inpatient records) and your clinic visits (outpatient records), you will need to set up different online accounts. You will need a different user name and password for each account.

When you sign up, you will receive instructions on how to create your accounts and how to log on to view your records.

  • If you are at a clinic visit, clinic staff will give you instructions in person.
  • If you have stayed in the hospital, you will receive instructions by email from hospital staff.

If you are a parent, legal guardian or caregiver, you may also get permission to see medical records for a minor or other person in your care.

To set up your online accounts, we will ask you for your email address. Your email address will be secure and UW Medicine will not use it for any other purpose.

After you create your online accounts, just visit the eCare sign-in page any time and choose the medical record you want to see.


For questions about your online accounts: ​

  • Clinic Visits at Harborview Medical Center, Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, UW Medical Center or UW Neighborhood Clinics:
    Call 206.520.8963 or email uwecare@uw.edu
  • Hospital Stay at Harborview Medical Center or UW Medical Center:
    Call 206.744.9000
  • Hospital Stay at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center:
    Call 206.668.1354 or email ​ecare@nwhsea.org

If you have questions about the information in your medical record, please talk with your healthcare provider.​

Want access to your children’s online health records?

Parents or guardians of children under the age of 13 may sign up for eCare access to their children's online health records. The enrollment process must be completed in person. Birth or adoptive parents must present photo identification and sign a form acknowledging that they have a right to the child's health care information. If you are not the birth or adoptive parent of the child, you must present legal paperwork (such as a court order or medical power of attorney) proving that you are the legally recognized caregiver for the child.

eCare access is currently not available for children between the ages of 13-17​.

Existing patients, request an appointment with your UW Medicine clinic or provider today, via eCare