Bill Types

After your hospital stay or clinic visit, you will receive a bill (or bills) for your medical service(s). Here are explanations of the different types of bills you may receive.

Facility fee   Facility fee/Hospital bill

If you receive services at a hospital (also referred to as a medical center) or at an outpatient clinic or other location that is clinically integrated into the hospital, you will receive a bill for "facility fees" for the services, in addition to a bill for any professional fees for the services. Facility fees are charged for hospital stays, some clinic visits, and services from hospital outpatient departments such as X-rays, lab tests and therapies. Clinics located miles away from a main hospital campus may still be considered part of the hospital. To learn why facility fees are billed separately from professional services, refer to our FAQs. A facility fee is not charged in clinics that are considered "physician office" or “free-standing." The UW Neighborhood Clinics and Hall Health are examples of these types of clinics.

Clinics that are part of a hospital are sometimes referred to as "provider-based clinics" or “hospital outpatient clinics." Sometimes patients will pay more for certain outpatient services and procedures at hospital-based outpatient locations. The amount will depend on their insurance. Patients should review their insurance benefits or contact their insurer to learn what their policy will pay and what out-of-pocket expenses they may need to pay.

UW Medicine outpatient clinic locations for which you may receive a facility fee from the hospital are listed below. There will be signage at the clinic and you will receive written notice if you will receive services that include a facility fee at these locations:

UW Medicine outpatient clinic locations for which you will receive a facility fee from the hospital include but are not limited to the following:

Clinics located in the following medical centers:

UW Physicians bill/Professional fees   UW Physicians bill/Professional fees  

Your UW Physicians or Northwest Physicians bill covers the professional fees for services performed by physicians or other healthcare providers. This will include care you received directly as well as interpretation of your medical and diagnostic tests. Professional fees are billed by UW Physicians (UWP) or Northwest Physicians.​

To learn more about professional fees at Northwest Hospital and Valley Medical Center, follow the links below: ​​​​​​ 

Other providers   Other providers  

Patients may receive bills for visits and services involving other providers who bill separately, including Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Airlift Northwest. Your bill for these services will come from the provider of the service. For information about bills from providers at other facilities, please contact them directly.

Laboratory services   Laboratory services 

If you receive laboratory services performed onsite at a UW Medicine hospital-based location, you may receive separate charges for the laboratory tests and you may owe a separate payment for those tests. However in some cases, insurance may bundle the payment for laboratory tests into the hospital payment for other services received that day and you will not owe any separate payment for laboratory tests. If you receive laboratory services performed onsite at a UW Neighborhood Clinic or Northwest Hospital clinic, you will receive a charge for lab services along with charges for any other services rendered at your visit.

Blood that is drawn or specimens that are dropped off at the clinic but sent off-site to lab services for processing and interpretation will generate a separate charge.

Emergency Department   Emergency Department  

For emergency department services, a patient will receive a bill for a facility fee, a professional fee, and laboratory and radiology service fees when applicable. The cost of providing emergency care will depend upon the severity of the patient’s illness or injury. Injuries or illnesses requiring many diagnostic tests and the services of medical specialists will cost more than less complex cases. To learn the cost of the 50 most common billed procedures, see our estimates page.

Series billing   Series billing  

Series billing is used for certain services, such as rehabilitation therapy. Series billing is a billing process where all charges for the particular service that are accrued in a 30-day period are billed to the patient or insurance plan in a comprehensive sum. Since the sum is a total of the charges accrued in that particular month, it may differ from month to month. Series billing is different than most other services, which are billed as they are provided instead of monthly. As a result, services that are "series" billed (such as therapy services) are billed separately from any other services received during the same time period.